Time and Materials Invoice Excel Template

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Create your your time and materials invoice from our template.

Download the free time and material invoice template. The template includes markup calculations for sales tax, overhead and profit margin.

Easy to use and Print

This printable service invoice spreadsheet template produced by General Blue excel specialists is a fully integrated excel spreadsheet template, that makes it fast to create an invoice.

No more repeated data entry

The invoice spreadsheet eliminates repeated data entry for time and materials line items.

Step 1 – Download the Excel Spreadsheet


Step 2 – Enter your sales tax, overhead and profit margin

Enter the Markup Rates for Sales Tax, and Rates for Overhead and Profit Margin

 Step 3 – Enter your billing rates for time and cost for materials

Enter Billing Rates for Time and Material Unit Price Used in the Invoice Line Items.

The Billing Rates tab allows setup of time and material rates. service-invoice-time-and-billing-rates

Step 4 – Update the customer bill to information

Use the customer tab to enter Customer Bill To Information to Appear in Invoice Header.

Step 5 – Enter your materials

Enter the Invoice Material Line Items

The Materials tab is used to enter Material Line Items. The Rates for Materials previously entered can be  selected items within the Materials tab.


Step 6 – Enter your labor and time

Enter the Invoice Labor Line Items

The Time tab is used to enter Labor Line Items. The Time Billing Rates previously entered can be selected on the Time Information tab.


 Step 7 – All Done!

Review the Invoice, Email and/or Print

Once all data is entered for time, materials, time line items, material line items the printable invoice is automatically completed in the Service Invoice tab, ready for review and distribution by email and/or print a hard copy.

The template is copyrighted with a BSD style copyright license enabling you to make yours customization’s for your business needs.

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