Employee Timesheet

This free downloadable employee timesheet in Excel is very easy to customize. To use its features, just enter the particular time you started working (in both morning and afternoon). After you fill out the time you started and stopped working, the template will automatically compute the total number of hours you have worked in a given day.

This employee time-in/time-out template is also flexible when it comes to your working days in a week. Just enter the start date of your work week, then the template will complete the rest of the calendar dates for the rest of the week. The actual day of week is also automatically generated in the template once you assign a start date.

Free weekly timesheet template in Microsoft Excel that can track hours and automatically calculates the total number of hours in a daily or weekly basis.

Guide in Using the Employee Timesheet

  1. Customize the company name as well as the employee name.
  2. Enter the start date of your work week.When you input the start date, follow the format "MM/DD/YYYY". Once the start date is entered, the remaining days of the work week will be automatically filled out for you. The column that indicates the specific day of week will also be auto-generated.
  3. Fill out the details for the time-in and time-out section of the template.
  4. To input your working hours, make sure you put a space in between the time and the AM/PM section (Example: 8 am, 6pm, etc.). Once the daily time-in and time-out section is completed for the day, the total hours you have worked will be automatically computed. Guide or instructions in using the free Excel employee timesheet template In the image above,the column in letter "I" (highlighted in yellow green) shows the total number of hours you have worked in a certain day. That will be automatically calculated for you based on the time-in and time-out details you input.
  5. Review, email, or print your timesheet.