Free Invoice Templates

Generate invoices easily with these free blank invoice templates. Multiple formats , paper sizes, and forms are available for you to choose from based on your personal or business needs. These templates use advanced excel features, which makes the creation of the invoice more automated and efficient. As usual, it's free to download, print, or edit. Instructions in using each template are also provided.

Simple Excel Invoice Templates for United States

The easy-to-use simple invoice is comprised of very basic details for invoice creation - date, invoice number, company information, product description, quantity, unit price, total amount, and payment terms. Multiple themes and formats are available for you to choose from.

Simple Invoice with Tax Calculation

If you want the tax rate automatically calculated in your invoice, this template is for you. While it requires the very basic details for creating the invoice, this template allows you to enter the tax rate applicable for you based on country, state, county, city, union, among others. Once the tax rate is entered, the actual dollar amount will be automatically computed and generated.

Invoice Templates for Freelancers - United States

Create invoice for your freelance work easily by using the free editable and downloadable invoice template for US Freelancers. It is available in more than five different variations and formats for you to choose from. These templates feature automated calculation for the total amount due based on the number of hours and the hourly rate per services rendered to the client. If you like to include your payment terms and payment details in the invoice, that is also one of the variations available for you.

Hourly Rate Invoice Templates with Tax Calculation

Calculate tax automatically as you create invoice for your work/services. By using any of these free editable invoice for freelancers or employees, you can accurately and efficiently make your invoice without any hassle. It requires only the very basic details to complete the invoice, and instructions are given. Upon entry of the applicable tax percentage, the actual tax dollar amount will be auto generated.

Free Printable Time and Materials Invoice Template

The Excel time and materials invoice is perfect for contractors. Designed by General Blue Excel specialists, this helps you avoid repetitive entry of data since most of it is automated, which therefore helps you avoid errors. Once the entry of all necessary data is complete, you may share or print the final version of the time and materials invoice. Steps and instructions on how to use the template is provided.

Basic Invoice Template for UK

This simple invoice template for United Kingdom features automated calculation for the amount due. Designed in standard papersize for businesses, this template is easy to customize and free to download. After filling out the basic details, the final version of the template may be shared, printed or sent through email. Mutliple formats and themes are available for the UK's simple invoice.