Free Project Timesheet

Download this free project timesheet and tracker. This excel spreadsheet template enables you to track several projects and its weekly time. This customizable project timesheet is designed for easy use and editing.

The start date is modifiable which allows you to input the starting day of your work week. Once the start date is entered, the rest of the days are automatically calculated for you. After the hours in each project is entered, the project total and weekly total is automatically calculated.
See instructions below.

Free weekly project timesheet template in Microsoft Excel that automatically calculates the daily and weekly total number of hours

Guide in using the Project Timesheet

In using the project timesheet, see the description in each section of the template below for more information. It will serve as your guide in filling out the details needed to complete the timesheet template.

Calendar Dates

Once the start date is entered, the rest of the dates for the remaining week will be auto-generated. In addition, the template will also automatically generate the actual day of the week.


The "Projects" column is for the list of projects you like to track. Each project you have listed has specific area where you can enter the number of hours rendered each day. You can see the weekly total number of hours in each project in column J. If you like to track the total number of hours in all projects per day, it will also be automatically generated for you in row #26.

Instructions or guide in using the free Excel weekly project timesheet template
  • Red - for the weekly total of each project in a weekly basis
  • Yellow - for the daily total for all projects
  • Brown - for the weekly total for all projects. This is based on the weekly total from each project.