Free Simple Invoice Template for UK

Multiple free simple invoice templates for United Kingdom in Excel format. These templates are editable, printable, shareable, and are customized specific to users from the UK. Each template has multiple formats and variations to choose from. Instructions are provided below. See instructions now.

Download UK Invoice Templates

To download, just select the download button below the image of whichever template format you would like to get. All template variations share the same easy to use features. See instructions below.

Steps in Using the Simple Invoice Template

  1. Fill out the Date and Invoice Number.

    Enter the date when the invoice is created as well as the specific invoice number.

  2. Fill out your company information.

    Enter your name and company information such as company name, street name, locality name, town or city and the postcode. If anything doesn't apply, you may modify the format of the address accordingly.

  3. Fill out the information of the person or company whom you have sold your products/services to.

    Enter the name, address, city, state, and the zip code of the company or person whom you are billing to. This is the company or the person who bought products/services from you.

  4. Input the product items.

    Here, you will list the products/services you have sold to the company or person you are billing to. In each description/product item, there will be a corresponding quantity, unit price, and total in the same row. No need to manually calculate for the total amount as it will be automatically computed for you based on the quantity and the unit price you will enter on the next step.

  5. Input the quantity and the unit price for each product item.

    In each product item that was listed in the previous step, there must be a quantity and corresponding price to be entered as well. In this section, just enter the quantity/number of items that was/were listed, as well as the unit price for each item. Once these details are filled out, the section for the total amount, along with the total amount due, will be automatically calculated for you based on the information you have entered.

  6. Update the payment terms section.

    At the bottom part of the template labeled as "Payment Terms", indicate what you and your client have agreed regarding the payment terms. Some payment terms could be Net15, Net30, or others.