Hourly Rate Invoice Templates with Tax Calculation

If you are looking to for an invoice template for a work based on an hourly rate, you have come to the right page. The downloadable templates below are some of the editable templates which you can utilize to bill your client with the services you have rendered. The templates feature automatic calculation for the total amount due and the tax rate based on your tax percentage. Multiple formats for the following invoice templates are provided and it's all free to download, customize, print, or share.

Instructions are provided below for you to have a guide as you create your invoice template.

Steps in Using the Hourly Rate Invoice

  1. Fill out the Date and Invoice Number.

    Located at the top section of the template, just enter the date when your create the invoice and the invoice number for your client.

  2. Enter your company information.

    Fill out your company name and business address in this section.

  3. Enter the bill-to information

    Under "Bill To" section of the template, just enter your client's name (or company name) and their business address. A client is a person or organization whom you have sold your services to.

  4. Enter all the freelance work you have done for your client.

    List all the services you have rendered for your client as agreed in your contract.

  5. Input the hours and the rate per hour.

    After listing all the freelance work, indicate here all the hours and the rate per hour for each service. To easily track hours, you can also use the free timesheet templates we provide.

  6. Enter your tax rate percentage.

    Tax rate may vary depending on the country, state, county, and city. Upon entry of the tax rate percentage, the actual dollar amount will be automatically calculated for you.

  7. Update the payment terms section.

    This section is found at the bottom part of the invoice. Here you can indicate the agreed payment terms between you and the client. Most common payment terms are Net 30 or Net 15. Basically, Net 30 gives your client 30 days to complete the invoice payment, while Net 15 gives the client 15 days.

  8. Enter your payment details.

    This is optional in other templates available. There are sections where you can indicate your payment options and terms and conditions. You may indicate here your bank information for online payment which may include your bank account name, account numbers, and other necessary banking information. If you don't need this details, you may delete this section. If you have a different payment processing with your client, you may indicate it here, whatever applies for you.

Download Hourly Rate Invoice Template Now

The freelance invoice templates are available in more than five variations. Each image below may have sample for the services, hours, and rate/hr however, the downloadable invoices are all clear and ready for use. All templates have automatic calculation for the total amount and the actual tax amount, which helps in creating the invoice efficiently and accurately. Instructions are also provided below to guide you in customizing these freelancers' templates with tax.

If you like to get freelancer's invoice template with no tax calculation, go to Free Invoice Templates for Freelancers.