New Year's Eve in Australia

When is New Year's Eve in Australia?

New Year's Eve in Australia is on December 31, 2022. It falls on Saturday.

How many days until New Year's Eve in Australia?

There are 138 Days left until New Year's Eve in Australia.

Is New Year's Eve a public holiday in Australia?

New Year’s Eve is an annual celebration held in different countries around the world which includes Australia. New Year's Eve is a non-public holiday in Australia, although majority of the country's population still celebrates the holiday. Australia is one of the countries who would be celebrating New Year’s Eve first compared to other countries since it is in the Southern Hemisphere. This holiday is observed to celebrate the last day of the year. It is one of the biggest festivities since it would also be the preparation for the New Year’s Day. New Year’s Eve takes place every 31st of December. It is not a public holiday in Australia however, schools and other centers of learning are closed since the holiday falls within the school holiday. Some businesses are closed although there are a number of establishments that would remain open following unusual schedule because of the holiday.

New Year's Eve Origin

New Year’s Eve marks the last day of the year and people in Australia also take this day to start preparing to welcome the coming year, following the Gregorian Calendar. Sydney, a city in Australia, is a popular destination where most people celebrate the said holiday. The first recorded celebration in the city was on December 31, 1896. As time goes by, Sydney’s New Year’s Eve has been considered to be the center of the holiday. People would intentionally go to the city and roam around to entertain their selves. Massive options for parties and other entertainment events are available for people during New Year’s Eve.

New Year's Eve Activities in Australia

People usually celebrate the holiday with their friends and families. Some Australian families would even travel to celebrate the holiday and the following big celebration which is the New Year’s Day.

Sydney Harbour's Fireworks Display

Most cities in Australia would mark New Year’s Eve with fireworks and parties. Sydney is the best city to stay for the New Year’s Eve. Many activities would line up to celebrate the holiday. Many people would go in Sydney Harbour since this city is known for its biggest fireworks display. People are gathered there and would enjoy the scenery in the sky at night. Hotels are usually busy at this time of year since some people opt to stay to witness the delightful celebration in the city. They would also have their dinner there while waiting for midnight to strike to gaze at those satisfying fireworks.

Lost Paradise Festival

Various festivals are organized from the different cities in the country for the New Year’s Eve. One of these joyous festive is Lost Paradise Festival which is held in Central Coast’s Glenworth Valley. It is a music festival where hundreds of people partied. Some activities are also associated with arts. These activities include healing arts, yoga, workshops, and others which are available from morning until night.

Taste of Tasmania Festival

Another festival is called Taste of Tasmania Festival fixed in the city of Hobart. This festival is enjoyed by mostly food and wine lovers. It is the largest and longest food and wine festival in Australia. Many people would also go there and enjoy another good firework display during midnight. Performance of bands are also present during the festival.

Vacation with Loved Ones

Having a mini-vacation is one way to observe the New Year's Eve. Some people would go on a beach with the family and watch how beautiful the last sunset of the year is. They would even spend their New Year’s Day there and have a vacation for three to four days. Some people in Australia would go on a camping and savor the admirable and peacefulness of nature. Formal parties are held in some places in Australia. They would be celebrating the day by communicating with other people and would also enjoy the fireworks while having a drink.

Other areas in Australia to watch Fireworks Display

There are numerous cities in Australia which also have those pleasurable fireworks display other than Sydney. Brisbane’s Story Bridge is one of it where the bridge can be seen clearer as those sparkling fireworks in the sky light up. Perth is another popular city which is also good at those beautiful sceneries where live music show is enjoyed by many. New Year’s Eve is indeed a great celebration because on the following day, another huge celebration would be observed.

Dates of Observance for New Year's Eve
Year Date Day Holiday
2022 December 31 Saturday New Year's Eve
2023 December 31 Sunday New Year's Eve
2024 December 31 Tuesday New Year's Eve
2025 December 31 Wednesday New Year's Eve
2026 December 31 Thursday New Year's Eve
2027 December 31 Friday New Year's Eve
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