Checklist Template

Download or print the free checklist template for generic use. It can be used in multiple ways, be it for office or personal use such as to-do list template, grocery list, goals for the week/month, among others. Generally, the checklist template is helpful in organizing and planning schedule and events, making sure nothing is missed.

When using the template, just select you preferred document type to download or print. It is available in PDF, Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel format. Then just select the preferred paper size prior to downloading or printing the template. The checklist template is editable as well. We recommend the PDF for those who like to print the template, while the Word and Excel versions work perfectly for those who like to customize the template in the computer, laptop, mobile device, among others.

Free downloadable and printable checklist template for business meetings or personal to-do lists available in A4, letter and legal paper size
Free Download and Print

When downloading or printing the template, just select your preferred paper size under each document type you like to get.

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How to download or print the template:

  1. Select the document format you like to print or download. Each template is available in PDF, Microsoft Word and Excel.
  2. Select the preferred paper size which you like to get. Under each document format, you may choose from A4, Letter and Legal paper size.
  3. After clicking the paper size, check your notification in desktop, laptop or phone as it should indicate that a new document has just been downloaded.