Free Simple Invoice with Tax

This invoice template includes automatic calculation for the tax rate and the total amount due. To complete your invoice, you only need to fill out very basic information such as date, invoice number, company information, bill to information, product description, quantity, unit price, payment terms, and the tax rate percentage. All templates (found below) have automatic calculation for the total amount and the tax rate based on the details entered.

This simple invoice with tax rate calculation is available in multiple formats and themes. All invoice templates have the same easy to use features – editable, printable, shareable and downloadable for free. Instructions/steps for using this invoice with tax rate calculation is provided below. See Instructions now.

Download Invoice with Tax Now.

Since the template is available in different variations, you can select whichever format you prefer the best. Just click on the download button below the image of your chosen template. You can customize the date, invoice number, company information, bill to information, product items, quantity, unit price, tax rate (in percentage), and the payment terms. All the rest of the details like the total amount and tax rate (in dollars) will be automatically generated for you based on the information entered. More guides and important notes in customizing the template is provided below.

Step-by-step instructions in customizing the invoice template here.

Simple Invoice with Tax - Blue
Simple Invoice with Tax - Bold
Simple Invoice with Tax - Basic
Simple Invoice with Tax - Red

Steps in Using the Simple Invoice with Tax Rate Calculation

  1. Fill out the Date and Invoice Number.

    Enter the date when the invoice is created as well as the specific invoice number for your client.

  2. Fill out your company information.

    Enter the company name, address, city, state, and the zip code of your company.

  3. Input the "bill to" information.

    Enter the name, address, city, state, and the zip code of the company or person whom you are sending the invoice to. This section refers to the business details of the person/company who bought products/services from you (or your company).

  4. List the product items under the description row.

    In this section, list the products/services you have sold to the company or person you are billing to. In each description/product item, there will be a corresponding quantity, unit price, and total in the same row. No need to manually calculate for the total amount as it will be automatically generated for you based on the quantity and unit price you will enter on the next step.

  5. Enter the quantity and unit price for each product item.

    After listing each product item, you also need to enter its corresponding quantity and unit price. Once entered, the total amount for each product item will be automatically calculated for you.

  6. Enter the tax rate applicable for you.

    This section is found at the bottom part of the invoice. Tax rate may vary depending on the country, state, county, and city. Upon entry of the tax rate percentage, the actual dollar amount will be automatically calculated.

  7. Enter the payment terms you have agreed with your client.

    Usually, payment terms are indicated in the contract that is agreed and signed by both parties. Here, you need to indicate the payment terms that you and your client have agreed to. Most common payment terms in the United States include Net30 or Net15.

  8. Review, share, or print the final invoice template.

Notes in Customizing the Invoice Template

In the template, there are sample products listed with its quantity and sample unit price. In deleting those sample items, just highlight the sections under description, quantity and unit price then press delete. Exclude the total row since it is automatically calculated, and therefore, will be automatically deleted once the quantity and unit price are deleted.

When you start customizing the template, only delete the sample items listed on the template labeled with "only delete these items" and you can replace it with the services or products you are billing. See image below.

Instruction in using the simple invoice with tax