Time in Anchorage - United States

2:10 PM
April 02

Anchorage Facts

Country Dialing Code
Time Zone
Alternate Names of Anchorage
ANC, Alaska City, An'koreitz, Anchorage, Ancoraria, Angits, Ankoric, Ankoridz, Ankoridza, Ankoridzas, Ankoridzh, Ankoridž, Ankoridža, Ankoridžas, Ankorij, Ankuridzh, Brownville, Dgheyay Kaq', Enkoridz, Gorad Ankorydzh, Kisagvik, Kisaġvik, Port Woodrow, Qatuk'e'usht, Ship Creek, Tan, Ves Dnaghildeqt, Woodrow, aengkeoliji, amkareja, an ke la zhi, ancorage byuro, ankarej, ankarejji, ankwryj, aynkrayj alaska, enkarej, enkoreja, ʼnqwrg, Ανκορέιτζ, Анкоридж, Анкъридж, Горад Анкорыдж, Енкориџ, Անքորեջ շրջան, אנקורג, أنكوريج, انکوریج, اینکرایج، الاسکا, अँकरेज, एंकोरेज, অ্যাংকারিজ, আন্চোরগে ব্যুরো, ஏங்கரெஜ், ആങ്കറേജ്, ანკორიჯი, アンカレッジ, 安克拉治, 앵커리지
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USD / Dollar
Geographic Coordinates
Latitude: 61.21806

Things to do in Anchorage

Anchorage Museum

Anchorage Museum is a place to discover the history of Alaska and look at the arctic world through science. The museum's collection (including over 600 indigenous artifacts) tells the story of Alaska and its first people over the years, which covers art, history, ecology and science. The museum hosts permanent and special exhibitions including Alaska Gallery and Art of the North. The highlights of the institution include the Discovery Center where people can play with their hypothesis and conduct experiments, Planetarium which gives visitors adventure to the stars, as well as the Smithsonian Arctic Studies Center featuring Alaska's largest collection of archival artifacts. Tours, workshops, talks, films, among others are offered here for the visitors to enjoy. It's one of the most visited landmarks in Alaska.

Chugach State Park

Chugach State Park is one of the largest state parks in the United States seating at roughly 495 acres. It's an awesome outdoor destination offering a great haven for camping, hiking, mountain biking, fishing hunting, nature and wildlife viewing. The wide variety of recreational activities offered in the park goes all year as they also provide skiing and snowmobiling activities during winter. Within the gigantic Chugach State park seats different attractions that relaxes the visitors such as the Eklutna Lake, Portage Glacier, Eagle River, Hillside, and a lot more. It's a famous destination for outdoor lovers.

Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center

Step into the world of wildlife and have fun as you meet up close and observe traits and behaviors of distinct animal species at Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center. It is the home of wounded and orphaned animal creatures including bears, porcupine, deer, wolves, eagles, among others with a mission to preserve wildlife in Alaska. Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center provides a chance for visitors to get a personal and close encounter with bears; stroll into its wild side and learn more about the resident inhabitants. They host/conduct several school activities and programs as well, expanding the learning opportunities of guests with animal species and care.

Kenai Fjords National Park

Kenai Fjords National Park occupies an area of 669,984 acres which covers Harding Icefield, the largest ice field in the US. The park offers a spectacular view and has a wide variation of fun-filled activities for visitors to explore - kayaking, hiking, touring the fjords through boat, becoming a ranger, staying in a cabin, and wildlife viewing. It is open all year round and activities may differ depending on weather. The Kenai Fjords National Park is a haven for nature, science, and history lovers. It has a wide range of learning opportunities for visitors such as museum which covers a collection of over 250,000 archival objects, its rich wildlife which is comprised of different species of birds, land and marine creatures, abundant fauna displays, among others. This national park gives visitors a rich discovery experience of Alaskan history and geography in different fun ways. It's one of the top destinations in Alaska.