Time in Boston - United States

5:34 AM
August 03

Boston Facts

Country Dialing Code
Time Zone
America/New York
Alternate Names of Boston
BOS, Baston, Boston, Bostona, Bostonas, Bostone, Bostonia, Bostono, Bostons, Bostun, Bostún, Gorad Bostan, Mushauwomuk, Old Boston, Po-su-tun, Pokekona, Pô-sṳ-tun, Shawmut, Shawmutt, Shawnnut, Totant, Tramount, Tremont, Trimountain, Trimountaine, Vostoni, Wahstoronon:ke, Wahstoronòn:ke, Wastok, bastan, bastana, bausatana, beasrraൺ, bo shi dun, boseuteon, bostan, bostana, bostʼoni, bosuton, bwstn, bwstwn, bxstan, pastan, Βοστωνη, Βοστώνη, Бостон, Бостън, Горад Бостан, Բոստոն, באסטאן, בוסטון, بوستون, بوسطن, بوسٹن, بۆستن, ܒܘܣܛܘܢ, बस्तन, बास्टन्, बॉस्टन, बोस्टन, বস্টন, ਬੌਸਟਨ, பாஸ்டன், బోస్టన్, ಬಾಸ್ಟನ್, ബോസ്റ്റൺ, บอสตัน, བོ་སེ་ཊོན།, ဘော့စတွန်မြို့, ბოსტონი, ቦስቶን, ボストン, 波士頓, 波士顿, 보스턴
Currency Code / Name
USD / Dollar
Geographic Coordinates
Latitude: 42.35843

Things to do in Boston

Freedom Trail

Step back into time and take a glimpse of the American Revolution period as you take a walk at the 2.5-mile in Freedom Trail that drives you to the 16 historical sites seated here. It's pathway houses historically significant landmarks like monuments, graveyard, church, parks, meeting houses, and museums. Among the famous attractions visitors can explore at Freedom Trail are the Old State House, Granary Burying Ground, Boston Massacre Site, Benjamin Franklin Statue, USS Constitution, Boston Common, Bunker Hill Monument, and many others - all tells the story of the American Revolution. Tours, programs, events, and exhibits are provided here and yearly, Freedom Trail welcomes more than 4 million visitors.

Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum

Step back into time and take a glimpse of the significant part of US History at Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum! It's a floating museum that features interactive exhibits, historic artifacts, film, reenactment, tearoom, and documentaries. Here you can engage into different fun activities such as participating in the Destruction of the Tea, experiencing the Multi-Sensory Film, take a glimpse to the only known Tea Chest that survived from the Boston Tea Party (Robinson Tea Chest) and climb aboard Eleanor and the Beaver, two authentically restored Tea Ships used at the time. Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum is situated at 306 Congress St, Boston, Massachusetts.

Museum of Science

Observe, experiment, and interact as you explore the Museum of Science in Boston. It is one of the world's leading science institutions that houses numerous permanent and temporary exhibits. Museum of Science is always packed with interactive and fun-filled activities for visitors of all ages. Among the permanent exhibits housed here are Colossal Fossil: Triceratops Cliff (an up-close encounter with 65 million-year old remains of Triceratops), Cosmic Light (featuring an adventure to the Milky Way Galaxy), Hall of Human Life (centralizes in human biology), To The Moon (exploring the replica of Apollo and Mercury capsules), Discovery Center, and many more! To add enhanced experience to visitors, aside from the exhibits housed at the Museum of Science, they also offer live demonstrations, planetarium shows, butterfly garden, IMAX Films, Thrill Ride 360 Degrees, among others. It's a fantastic destination for people who want to learn and have fun. Being one of the largest science center, The Museum of Science welcomes approximately 1.5 visitors annually.

Fenway Park

For sports enthusiasts, catch a game at Fenway Park! It is a ballpark located at 4 Jersey St, Boston, Massachusetts and is the home field of Boston Red Sox (Boston's baseball team in American League). There are a lot of things to do in Fenway Park as it is surrounded by different buildings - recreational centers, cultural institutions, hospitals, research centers, museums, and more.

Boston Public Library

New York Public Library is one of the world's largest libraries housing more than 23 million items. Founded in 1848, the library's collection dates back as early as 10th century and is comprised of books, letters, maps, manuscripts, drawings, audiobooks, DVDs, among others. There is always something for every visitor here since their collection caters all ages, from children to adult. Boston Public Library holds some notable items such as William Shakespeare's first edition folios, President John Adams' personal library, and more.

Museum of Fine Arts

Don't miss a chance to visit one of the largest museums in the United States, the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston! This internationally recognized institution houses an extensive art collection that dates as early as 4000 BC. It holds nearly 450,000 works of human artistry such as photographs, prints, digitized images, drawings, masks, antiquities, paintings, jewelery and more. Their global collection encompasses different areas of the globe that are comprehensively presented- Art of Europe, Art of Asia, Art of the Americas, Contemporary Art, Art of the Ancient World, Judaica, among others. The museum also hosts different programs, events, permanent and temporary exhibits throughout the year. The Museum of Fine Arts welcomes over a million of visitors yearly and is located at 465 Huntington Ave, Boston, Massachusetts.

Boston Public Garden

Boston Public Garden is a gigantic park that presents a wide array of beautiful flowers and trees, located at 4 Charles St, Boston, Massachusetts. Aside from relaxation it provides, there are also several activities that visitors can engage to such as Swan Boat ride around the public lagoon, discover attractions housed at the park like the Ether Monument and the sculpture of the duck family, and many others.

John F. Kennedy Presidential Museum and Library

Step back into time and take a glimpse of the presidential journey and legacy of the 35th President of the United States, John F. Kennedy. Seated on a 10-acre park, the museum's holdings include bureaucratic memorabilia, books, photographs, videos, documents, art collection, and more. The museum hosts permanent exhibits as well as special events and programs which helps expand the learning opportunity of visitors. Among the permanent exhibits housed at the museum are The Inauguration of John F. Kennedy, White House Corridor: Gifts from Heads of State, 1960 Presidential Election, Ceremonial Room, The Oval Office, and more. The John F. Kennedy Presidential Museum and Library is located in Columbia Point, Boston.

The Harvard Museum of Natural History

American Museum of Natural History is an institution housing numerous archival items and artifacts across different fields - zoology, botany, geology, anthropology and mineralogy. The museum holds an extensive collection of specimens comprised of minerals, fossils, meteorites, plants, among others and are presented in their well-curated exhibits and galleries such as the Microbial Life, Birds of the World, Earth and Planetary Sciences, Evolution, Fruits in Decay, New England Forests, Marine Life, and many others. The Harvard Museum of Natural History gives excellent educational experience to visitors and is located in Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Franklin Park Zoo

Step into the world of wildlife as you meet up-close, feed, and observe traits and behaviors of different animal species at Franklin Park Zoo! It's the home of thousands of animals including the threatened and endangered ones. Among the exhibits of the zoo are Giraffe Savannah, Kalahari Kingdom, Bird's World, Tropical Forest, Tiger Tales Exhibit, and many more! The zoo also offers seasonal exhibits, programs and events. Franklin Park Zoo gives heightened experience to visitors through their spectacular animal adventures such as up-close encounter with their animal residents (like Red Panda, Red River Hog, Sloth) and exploring different attractions housed at the zoo like the carousel, playground, Train tour, among others. Franklin Park Zoo offers not just animal encounters and experiences but also presents the beauty of flora in their garden. It is located in 1 Franklin Park Rd, Boston.

New England Aquarium

Explore the world of aquatic animals at New England Aquarium located at 1 Central Wharf, Boston, Massachusetts. It is a home to thousands of marine lives like the African Penguin, California Sea Lion, Lionfish, Giant Pacific Octopus, Green Anaconda, American Lobster among others. Here you can immerse yourself with animal adventures such as feeding animals, whale watching, up-close encounter with different animal residents, experiencing the Simons IMAX Theatre, participating in their interactive exhibitions, and many more! Among the permanent exhibits housed at New England Aquarium are Science of Sharks, Giant Ocean Tank, Olympic Coast, Indo-Pacific Coral, Penguins, as well as Shark and Ray Touch Talk.