Australia Day

When is Australia Day?

Australia Day is on January 26, 2022.
It falls on Wednesday.

How many days until Australia Day?

There are 335 Days left until Australia Day in Australia.

What is Australia Day?

Australia Day, often known as Invasion Day, is one of the annual national holidays in the country. Australia Day marks as an official Australia’s National Day, observed every 26th day of January. The holiday commemorates the anniversary of the arrival of the First Fleet of British at Port Jackson (located in the New South Wales) and the raising of the Flag of Great Britain on Sydney Cove. The flag-raising event was organized by Governor Arthur Philip of New South Wales. Since Australia Day is a public holiday, majority of businesses, organizations, establishments, and banks are closed, same as to all centers of learning. Other terms that are used to refer to Australia Day include Anniversary Day, ANA (Australian Natives’ Association) Day, Foundation Day, Invasion Day, or National Day of Mourning.

Australia Day Origin

British Admiralty sent a fleet of 11 ships, known as the First Fleet, up to New Holland way back on year 1787 May 13th under the authority of Captain Arthur Philip. New Holland was then the term that was used in Europe to refer to mainland Australia. The purpose of the fleet was to establish a penal colony to place the exile prisoners away or isolated from general population. The fleet landed in Botany Bay on around January 18 and 20 of 1788. However, Captain Philip did not find the location as a suitable place for the settlement. Thus, on January 21st, Captain Philip along with his few officials look unto Port Jackson to examine if the port is an appropriate locale for the subtle agreement. They stayed there up until 23rd of January and returned to the Bay on the evening of January 23rd as well. Captain Philip named the site of the landing as ‘Sydney Cove’ which is after the name of their Home Secretary, Thomas Townshend, 1st Viscount Sydney. On January 24th, he commanded his officers to move the fleet to Sydney Cove. However, an unexpected huge gale was distinguished making them unfeasible to leave Botany Bay and just decided to move the fleet to the next day. On January 25th, they settled to still progress the fleet despite of the boundless difficulties since the gale was still blowing. Regardless of the said struggles, the fleet were successfully moved and were finally sailed at Sydney Cove on the 26th day of January.

The holiday was previously called as ‘Foundation Day’ which was marked with sporting events. On 1820s, horseracing was said to the popular sport event on the holiday. Nevertheless, by 1830s, regattas became popular as well.

Australia Day Traditions

Over the course of history, different cultural events have been established during Australia Day. That includes the presentation of the Australian of the Year Awards. Such tradition began on 1960, which generally promotes role models and acknowledges those who are most worthy for public acknowledgement and recognition. On this day, Australia Day Honours list are also announced.

Australian people would celebrate the holiday joyously. The day would be filled with many activities, foods and drinks, firework displays, and such. Many festivals and concerts are organized across Australia. An annual citizenship ceremony in different cities in the country are also held. They would enjoy watching the awarding while grilling meat, steaks, and sausages on a community barbecue. People who are fond in doing outdoor activities would go on a beach and have a picnic with the family. Some people opt to spend the holiday swimming and enjoying the white sands. For some, playing volleyball and cricket in the seashore has become part of the celebration.

Engaging to sports activities is another way to celebrate the holiday. Australian people love sports so much that they would enjoy playing frisbee, volleyball, cricket and other sports in their backyard and have fun with the family. Community events such as concerts and events are also noticed.

Australians who would more enjoy indoor activities would watch Australian movies with the family and enjoy eating Tim Tam Slam, a popular biscuit coated with a chocolate which is made in Australia. People would fancy its taste more if paired with a hot coffee. Australian families would savor the Pavlova, an Australian cake topped with fresh and creamy fruits. People who are best in cooking are assigned for meals. They would be preparing delicious Australian dishes. A lot of city councils would also organize fireworks display for Australians to gleefully celebrate this more.

Dates of Observance for Australia Day
Year Date Day Holiday
2022 January 26 Wednesday Australia Day
2023 January 26 Thursday Australia Day
2024 January 26 Friday Australia Day
2025 January 26 Sunday Australia Day
2026 January 26 Monday Australia Day
2027 January 26 Tuesday Australia Day
Upcoming Australia Holidays
Holiday Date
Good Friday April 02, 2021
Easter Saturday April 03, 2021
Easter Sunday April 04, 2021