Malta Calendars with Holidays

The yearly and monthly calendars on this page include Malta holidays. Calendars are available in multiple styles, easy to download or print. Downloadable calendars are available in Adobe PDF, Microsoft Word, and Excel.

See our main calendars page for generic or blank yearly, monthly, and weekly calendar.

Use our custom calendar page for calendars with week numbers or Monday start.

Yearly Calendar for Malta

The one-page Malta yearly calendars in this page include list of Malta holidays which can help in planning your events and schedule, while keeping yourself updated with upcoming holidays. In each calendar type, multiple downloadable formats are available. The best editable and downloadable calendars are the Microsoft Word and Excel calendars while the printable PDF calendars are perfect for those who are looking for online calendar to print. If you want to download or print a full list of Malta holidays, see our Malta Holidays 2022 List page.

Monthly Calendars for Malta

The free 2021 Malta monthly calendar templates are available in PDF, Excel, and Microsoft Word. The Excel and Word monthly calendars are the perfect editable and downloadable calendar formats. All calendars are absolutely free to use and can be easily downloaded or customized. The PDF month calendars are perfect for those who are looking for online monthly calendars to print, since it doesn't require any download as you print. These calendars can be used to track work schedules, school planning, fitness workouts, expenses, reminders, and others on a monthly basis. Each calendar is very flexible when it comes to its use in fact, you can use all month calendars as your monthly planner.