Canada Day (Former Dominion Day)

When is Canada Day in Canada?

Canada Day in Canada is on July 1, 2022. It falls on Friday.

How many days until Canada Day in Canada?

There are 38 Days left until Canada Day in Canada.

Is Canada Day a public holiday in Canada?

Canada Day, formerly called Dominion Day, is a federal statutory holiday celebrated by the Canadians every 1st of July each year. This holiday celebrates the national day of Canada, specifically when the Canadian Confederation was formed. If this holiday falls on a Sunday, July 2 becomes the statutory holiday.

While there are few malls and shops which stay open, all educational institutions, banks, and government offices are closed on Canada Day. Restaurants and tourist attractions also remain operational, though some may have reduced opening hours.

Canada Day Origin

Canada Day is one of the biggest celebrations held in Canada each year. It is celebrated in all Canadian provinces and territories.

What is Canada Day?

Canada Day commemorates the establishment of the Canadian Confederation which took place on July 1, 1867. It was on this day that the three separate provinces/colonies, consisting of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and the Province of Canada were united into a single dominion through the British North Americas Act – the Dominion of Canada is what it’s called.

With this alliance, the previously named Province of Canada was then divided into two provinces, the provinces of Ontario and Quebec. All four provinces – Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick constitutes the newly formed Dominion. Since the Canadian Confederation’s formation, Canada has seen great provincial and territorial changes over the course of time. Today, the country is now comprised of ten provinces and three territories.

From Dominion Day to Canada Day

July 1 was originally called as Dominion Day until 1982. When the Canada Act of 1982 was passed, the holiday was officially renamed to “Canada Day”, the same time when Canada become a fully independent country.

Canada Day Traditions/Practices

For the Canadians, Canada Day means lots of fun and family-friendly activities. Local governments and communities usually arrange outdoor events to mark the day’s celebration. Classic events held for the day often include festivals, fireworks-displays, parades, cultural displays, and outdoor fairs among many others. Canada’s capital, Ottawa, usually features the biggest Canada Day celebrations among all.

Symbols for Canada Day

During Canada Day, some people may show their pride as Canadians by hanging the Canadian flag in front of their houses, windowsills, or backyards. Many buildings would set up flag decorations in front of their establishments too. Other Canadians may also wear paint in their faces, arms, or legs featuring patriotic symbols in an effort to show their patriotism, love, and loyalty to the country.

Outdoor events

As there are so much going on outside on Canada Day, crowds of people are usually gathered around public areas. Most people in Canada spend this holiday with friends and family, typically participating in any available outdoor public events. Parades are often the go-to events for many people since numerous parades are held throughout the country. On this day, it is common to see parade-goers waving Canada’s flag and dressing up in red and white clothing which symbolizes the colors of the Canadian flag.

Besides parades, other outdoor events which are highly anticipated by most Canadians include Canada Day parties, live music, cultural displays, art displays, festivals, fairs, carnivals, free musical concerts, air and maritime shows, and large fireworks displays. These fireworks-displays held at night often culminates the holiday’s celebration.

Food and family gatherings

It is also customary for some Canadians to host social and family gatherings during the celebration of Canada Day. Grilling barbeques are common throughout the day. Aside from various entertainments, the tasty foods eaten on this day is another reason to love the occasion. Food offers a different kind of delight which is why many would look forward on what’s served at the table. Traditional foods typically consumed include the Canadian pizza, Canadian flag cupcakes, poutine, salmon, maple syrup, bacon, tarts, beaver tails, bagels, French fries, and smoked meat, among others.

Dates of Observance for Canada Day
Year Date Day Holiday
2022 July 01 Friday Canada Day
2023 July 01 Saturday Canada Day
2024 July 01 Monday Canada Day
2025 July 01 Tuesday Canada Day
2026 July 01 Wednesday Canada Day
2027 July 01 Thursday Canada Day
Upcoming Canada Holidays
Holiday Date
Father's Day June 19, 2022
Canada Day July 01, 2022
Civic Holiday August 01, 2022