Christmas Day in Singapore

When is Christmas Day in Singapore?

Christmas Day in Singapore is on December 25, 2023. It falls on Monday.

How many days until Christmas Day in Singapore?

There are 269 Days left until Christmas Day in Singapore.

Is Christmas Day a public holiday in Singapore?

Christmas is that time of year when sparkling lights, bright Christmas trees, and elaborate Christmas-related decorations are seen everywhere. It is celebrated on December 25th and is declared a public holiday in Singapore. Businesses close and so does schools and government offices.

Christmas Day Origin

Christmas is a Christian holiday meant to celebrate Jesus Christ’s birth. It came from the word Crïstes mæsse which means Christ’s Mass or Mass of Christ. As per the records, Christmas was celebrated for the first time in Rome way back December 25, AD 336. Although Jesus’ birthdate is a mystery till now, December 25th was chosen as it matches the winter solstice on the Julian calendar, the calendar system used by the ancient Romans.

Christmas Day Activities and Traditions in Singapore

Singapore is a melting pot of diverse cultures and races, so Christmas is celebrated uniquely. It is observed both in a secular and religious way. For those Singaporeans who adhere to the Christian faith, it is a religious celebration where it’s customary to attend Christmas church services.

Christmas decorations

Christmas is a big celebration in Singapore. The country’s streets and parks are decked with the brightest lights and the fanciest Christmas decorations. Decorating Christmas trees and wrapping up gifts for loved ones is also observed by many.

A stroll at the country’s Orchard Road, especially at night-time, can also get the people to a festive mood with all its stunning decorations. Many Singaporeans would also visit the Christmas Wonderland at Gardens by the Bay, one of the most popular parks in Singapore, as it features plenty of attractions during the season.

Christmas meal

Like other countries, Singaporeans share large Christmas meal to mark the day too. Dishes such as roast turkey, roast pork, steak, ham, sausages, sugee cake (a moist soft cake), and various vegetables are usually seen served at the table.

Dates of Observance for Christmas Day
Year Date Day Holiday
2023 December 25 Monday Christmas Day
2024 December 25 Wednesday Christmas Day
2025 December 25 Thursday Christmas Day
2026 December 25 Friday Christmas Day
2027 December 25 Saturday Christmas Day
2028 December 25 Monday Christmas Day
Upcoming Singapore Holidays
Holiday Date
Good Friday April 07, 2023
Hari Raya Puasa April 21, 2023
Labour Day May 01, 2023