Christmas Eve in the United States

When is Christmas Eve in United States?

Christmas Eve in United States is on December 24, 2022. It falls on Saturday.

How many days until Christmas Eve in United States?

There are 170 Days left until Christmas Eve in the United States.

Is Christmas Eve a public holiday in United States?

Christmas Eve is the day/evening before Christmas Day, celebrated on December 24th every year. The occasion is centered on the commemoration of Jesus Christ’s nativity. In the United States, the day is not declared as a federal holiday, however, some areas have designated it as either partial or state holiday.

While schools and most companies close for the holidays, other business establishments remain open. Many big stores and shops stay operational on this day to cater last-minute Christmas shoppers.

About Christmas Eve

Christmas is one of the busiest seasons in a year. It is celebrated to commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ whose teachings are the foundation of Christianity. Today, most of the Christian and non-Christian countries around the world start their Christmas celebration on Christmas Eve, the day/night before Christmas Day.

How did Christmas start?

The first recorded celebration of Christmas has its roots back in December 25, 336 in Rome. Although Christ’s birthdate is undisclosed, Pope Julius I, the Bishop of Rome at that time has chosen December 25th as it corresponds to the date of the winter solstice on the Roman calendar. Originally, before Christmas was established, a different celebration was observed, a pagan festival called Saturnalia. Saturnalia was an ancient Roman winter festival celebrated to honor the god Saturn (the god of agriculture). So, when Christmas was instituted afterwards, many of this festival’s traditions have been carried out to form part of the Christmas customs and traditions.

Christmas Eve Traditions

More than 160 countries around the world celebrate both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. In the United States, Christmas Eve is celebrated with the same vigor as that of Christmas Day. It is a customary practice for many people to decorate the inside and outside of their homes prior to the celebration. Green, white, and red-colored decorations are prevalent which include Christmas trees, Christmas lights, garlands, lanterns, wreaths, and other Christmas-related figures.

Christmas Gathering

Most Americans celebrate Christmas Eve with the company of their loved ones. A special meal is typically shared among family members on this day. Traditional foods served at the table include roasted or fried turkey, Christmas ham, mashed potatoes, gingerbread houses, roast beefs, pies, candy canes, mixed nuts, and hot chocolate. Some people also engage in other activities such as drinking eggnog for the adults (eggnog is a drink made of cream, milk, sugar, beaten eggs, and brandy or rum), storytelling with children, dancing, gift-giving, and other activities that make people genuinely happy. For other Americans, especially the Christians, it is also necessary to attend a special church service held at midnight or at early hours of this day.

Christmas Shopping and Vacation

One of the most common activities Americans do during the season are shopping and traveling. Most of the people across the country indulge on Christmas holiday shopping in preparation for the celebration. Christmas trees, Christmas decorations, special dishes, gifts, and others are the most in demand products. Traveling, on the other hand, is also a popular choice taken by many American families. Millions of Americans usually book their Christmas vacations for the holidays. The country’s famous holiday spots are expected to get crowded around Christmas time.

Christmas Cards

In the United States, sending Christmas greeting cards is another common activity. The cards are usually sent to friends or faraway family members and relatives. Christmas is even considered as the country’s largest card-sending holiday in a year.

Santa Claus and its influence on the American children

American children, like other countries also believe in Santa Claus. Santa Claus is a legendary figure who is considered the gift-bringer to children who have behaved well for the entire year. On Christmas Eve or even on previous days, the children would typically hang Christmas socks/stockings on their fireplaces or bedposts. These socks/stockings are believed to be where Santa would be leaving the gifts at, which the kids would eagerly open on Christmas Day.

How do Americans dress up for Christmas Eve?

Many Americans love dressing up for the celebration. Women are usually seen donning on Christmas Party dresses while some men would get dressed as Santa Claus. Christmas Party venues are ready at the end of day. Greetings such as “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Holidays” are often heard during the occasion.

Dates of Observance for Christmas Eve
Year Date Day Holiday
2022 December 24 Saturday Christmas Eve
2023 December 24 Sunday Christmas Eve
2024 December 24 Tuesday Christmas Eve
2025 December 24 Wednesday Christmas Eve
2026 December 24 Thursday Christmas Eve
2027 December 24 Friday Christmas Eve
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Holiday Date
Labor Day September 05, 2022
Columbus Day October 10, 2022
Halloween October 31, 2022