Christmas in Canada

When is Christmas Day in Canada?

Christmas Day in Canada is on December 25, 2022. It falls on Sunday.

How many days until Christmas Day in Canada?

There are 215 Days left until Christmas Day in Canada.

Is Christmas Day a public holiday in Canada?

Christmas Day in Canada is a public holiday celebrated every 25th day of December. It is a celebration for the birth of Jesus Christ. In Canada, just like other countries around the world, most establishments, schools and majority of the businesses are closed on Christmas Day.

Christmas Day Origin

The old English word ‘Christmas’ came from the word Crïstes mæsse which means Christ’s Mass or in the other term, Mass of Christ. The first stated Christmas Day celebration was in Rome on December 25th of 336 AD. It was not an official Roman Festival at the time.

Christmas Practices

Christmas Day is a massive cultural occasion. It is observed with different traditions and practices from countries all around the world, even in countries with few Christians. This holiday is mainly celebrated as the celebration of the date of birth of Jesus Christ, the Son of God in which Christians believed as their savior of life. To some people, attending church service is part of their Christmas Day celebration. Some local communities organize nativity display and performances.

Christmas Decorations

The Canadian tradition on celebrating Christmas Day includes decorating their Christmas Tree. They decorate it with Christmas balls with different colors and some put a big star at the uppermost part of the tree. On this time of year, it is very common to see garlands, bright lights, lanterns, Christmas Trees, and other Christmas figures everywhere.

Family Get Together

Spending time with friends and family is a popular tradition on Christmas Day. Most families and relatives gather during this holiday. Exchanging of gifts among family and friends is also an established practice. Before the Christmas Day, they put their gifts under the Christmas Tree and on the Christmas Day (sometimes on Christmas Eve), they open the gifts that was given to them.

Canada's Common Christmas Foods

Usually, a special meal is prepared to be shared by family and relatives. Traditional Christmas foods often include turkey with stuffing, seasonal vegetables, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, roast beef, Christmas pudding, tarts, among many others. It is also common for people to witness fireworks display with their family and friends on this day. It is said that lighting a firework at the exact midnight is a sign that the Christmas Day celebration is finally starting.

Dates of Observance for Christmas Day
Year Date Day Holiday
2022 December 25 Sunday Christmas Day
2023 December 25 Monday Christmas Day
2024 December 25 Wednesday Christmas Day
2025 December 25 Thursday Christmas Day
2026 December 25 Friday Christmas Day
2027 December 25 Saturday Christmas Day
Upcoming Canada Holidays
Holiday Date
Father's Day June 19, 2022
Canada Day July 01, 2022
Civic Holiday August 01, 2022