Christmas Day in United Kingdom

When is Christmas Day in United Kingdom?

Christmas Day in United Kingdom is on December 25, 2022. It falls on Sunday.

How many days until Christmas Day in United Kingdom?

There are 127 Days left until Christmas Day in the United Kingdom.

Is Christmas Day a public holiday in United Kingdom?

Christmas Day is a bank holiday in UK. It celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ. People in UK typically celebrate this day with family and friends, exchanging of presents, attending church service, sharing a meal together, among others.

Origin of Christmas Day

Every 25th day of December, Christmas holiday is celebrated in many countries around the world, including United Kingdom. It is a public holiday in most countries and people take this holiday as a mini vacation for the last week of the year. Establishments and businesses are close on the holiday. People rest from work and have an enough time to celebrate the holiday with the family.

Christmas Day is a religious event held annually commemorating the birth of Jesus Christ. Even though the actual date of Jesus Christ’s birth is not really proven due to no found evidence, several countries has made it a tradition to celebrate Christmas. It is one of the biggest cultural celebration all around the world in fact, even the countries whose population is mainly non-Christian also observe this day.

Christmas Day Traditions in UK

On year 1834, United Kingdom officially made Christmas Day a bank holiday. Most of the modern Christmas Day traditions that we observe nowadays roots back to 19th century. New traditions were formed, people started decorating their homes and streets, getting together has become customary, and many others. It was a century where modern Christmas traditions, customs, and common practices were created.

Christmas Decorations and Church Services

People in the United Kingdom typically celebrate Christmas Day with family and friends. The holiday would not be perfect without decorating the Christmas tree. It has become a customary for people in the UK, just like billions of people around the world to celebrate Christmas by decorating their indoor and outdoor part of their house with different Christmas figures. Some of the most common Christmas decorations include garlands, Christmas trees, lights, cards, stockings, angels, bells, candy canes, and many more.

On this holiday, it is also prevalent to see public places being decorated for the season. Christmas lights is seen all over most villages, homes, and towns on this season. Watching nativity display is also very common and attending church services is a popular tradition for most Christians during Christmas. Christmas carols is also a common practice on this day.

Giving Gifts to Family and Friends

For several British people, Christmas is a family event. It is a perfect day to express the love and appreciation they have for their friends and family members. It has become a tradition to offer gifts, presents, and Christmas cards for each member of the family. It is one of the most exciting and biggest events for kids as they enjoy doing fun activities during this holiday. On Christmas, most children receive presents from the Father Christmas, called Santa Claus. They would wake up early to check out the gifts and presents they got for the Christmas Day.

Enjoying traditional Christmas Foods

It is also a common practice for most people to get together with family and friends and share a large and special meal together. For Christmas dinner in UK, it is typically shared in the afternoon or evening of December 25. Among the traditional Christmas foods are turkey with stuffing, meats, roast potatoes, Christmas pudding, vegetables, cakes, and many others.

Dates of Observance for Christmas Day
Year Date Day Holiday
2022 December 25 Sunday Christmas Day
2023 December 25 Monday Christmas Day
2024 December 25 Wednesday Christmas Day
2025 December 25 Thursday Christmas Day
2026 December 25 Friday Christmas Day
2027 December 25 Saturday Christmas Day
Upcoming United Kingdom Holidays
Holiday Date
Christmas Day December 25, 2022
Boxing Day December 26, 2022
New Year's Day January 01, 2023