Civic Holiday in Canada

When is Civic Holiday in Canada?

Civic Holiday in Canada is on August 1, 2022. It falls on Monday.

How many days until Civic Holiday in Canada?

There are 69 Days left until Civic Holiday in Canada.

Is Civic Holiday a public holiday in Canada?

Civic Holiday is a public holiday in some of Canada’s provinces and territories, celebrated every first Monday of August. This day is also called August Holiday, Provincial Day, and any other local names, depending on your location in Canada. To most Canadians, it is the August long weekend.

While other provinces and municipalities use a different name for this holiday, Civic Holiday is the official name used specifically in the Canadian territories of Nunavut and Northwest Territories. The mentioned territories also declared this day a territorial statutory holiday.

Civic Holiday Origin

In Canada, the holiday celebrated on the first Monday of August each year is referred to as Civic Holiday. The term "Civic" was used since the reason for the day’s celebration varies in each province, territory, and municipality. Each of these areas also have the authority to declare Civic Holiday as a statutory holiday or not.

Civic Holiday and its various local names

Most parts in Canada celebrate Civic Holiday, although unlike Nunavut and Northwest Territories which use Civic Holiday as its official holiday name, this day is named differently in other Canadian provinces and municipalities. The local names include British Columbia Day in British Columbia, Saskatchewan Day in Saskatchewan, New Brunswick Day in New Brunswick, Heritage Day in Alberta, Natal Day in Nova Scotia, and Terry Fox Day in Manitoba.

Other local names for Civic Holiday are named by the areas within the province of Ontario – it includes the Simcoe Day in Toronto, Colonel By Day in Ottawa, and Joseph Brant Day in Burlington, among many others. Quebec, Yukon, and some parts of Newfoundland and Labrador do not celebrate Civic Holiday, yet they may observe a separate regional celebration on a different date.

Canadian areas where Civic Holiday is a statutory holiday

Civic Holiday is not declared a national public holiday in Canada; however, some Canadian areas have declared it as a provincial or territorial statutory holiday. That includes the provinces of British Columbia (which celebrates British Columbia Day), New Brunswick (which celebrates New Brunswick Day), Saskatchewan (which celebrates Saskatchewan Day), and the territories of Nunavut and the Northwest Territories (which celebrate Civic Holiday). Alberta (which celebrates Heritage Day), Manitoba (which celebrates Terry Fox Day), and Nova Scotia (which celebrates Natal Day) have also declared this day a holiday of some kind.

Civic Holiday Traditions

Depending on the location, most businesses and establishments are closed on this day. Schools, on the other hand, are likely closed as Civic Holiday falls during their school summer vacation.

Why is Civic Holiday celebrated?

The reason for Civic Holiday’s celebration varies in each Canadian provinces and territories. For instance, some Canadians celebrate this day to recognize their cultural diversity while others may celebrate their local heritage. In some other provinces, this holiday is either focused on their city’s historical and political piece, or it may be a commemoration of the day when their province was discovered. Regardless of the differences of why the holiday is observed, the celebratory date is the same for all – it is held on the first Monday of August each year.

How do Canadians celebrate this day?

Most people in Canada spend Civic Holiday with friends and families since most workers have the day off from work. Some may go on a picnic or vacation. It is also common to see Canadians enjoying barbeques, going on camping, or attending local festivals, sporting events, and parades in their town. For several provinces and cities, organizing cultural and historical activities for Civic Holiday is a priority as it is through such activities that people can look back on where they come from and therefore, connecting their people back to their history.

Civic Holiday events

There are several activities or events that offer loads of fun during this day. With its observance, most communities and local governments arrange several public events for the people in their locality. That include events such as parades, cultural displays, concerts, festivals, and other outdoor and family-friendly activities. Some parts of Canada may even stage for a magnificent display of fireworks. Since many Canadians are given a day off on this day, most of them and their respective families are seen having fun and enjoying the events held for the day.

Dates of Observance for Civic Holiday
Year Date Day Holiday
2022 August 01 Monday Civic Holiday
2023 August 07 Monday Civic Holiday
2024 August 05 Monday Civic Holiday
2025 August 04 Monday Civic Holiday
2026 August 03 Monday Civic Holiday
2027 August 02 Monday Civic Holiday
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