Day of Reconciliation in South Africa

When is Day of Reconciliation in South Africa?

Day of Reconciliation in South Africa is on December 16, 2022. It falls on Friday.

How many days until Day of Reconciliation in South Africa?

There are 162 Days left until Day of Reconciliation in South Africa.

Is Day of Reconciliation a public holiday in South Africa?

Day of Reconciliation is a public holiday celebrated annually in South Africa every 16th of December. When it comes to its observance, if the holiday falls on Saturday or Sunday, the following weekday, which is Monday, would be taken as the public holiday.

The Day of Reconciliation is marked as the end of Apartheid, a former political and social system in South Africa which existed years ago where it implements racial discrimination against Afrikaners whose facial features and skin complexion is not white. This holiday is also held to enhance national unity for the country, recalling the history. Since this is a public holiday, majority of businesses, organizations, and establishments are closed and same as to the center of learning as well.

Origin of Day of Reconciliation

Afrikaners started celebrating the Day of Reconciliation after the Apartheid got removed in the government’s system in the country. The first recorded commemoration of the holiday was on the 16th day of December on year 1995. The holiday was also observed as the Day of Vow or Dingaan Day, which is also known as Day of Covenant, a religious celebration commemorating the victory of Voortrekker against the Zulus at the Battle of Blood River back on year 1832 and is still celebrated by some Afrikaners. At the time when the Apartheid got officially terminated, December 16th was then declared as a public holiday in South Africa. The Day of Reconciliation is considered as the start of the festive season since the date of the holiday is close to Christmas season.

Common Practices in South Africa during the Day of Reconciliation

Day of Reconciliation is all about getting together not only with family and friends but also with people in the country. This is a special day to appreciate the unity of the country and how people endure all the racism from others. People would think positively and let go of many bad circumstances. They would forgive and forget to fully enhance the unity which is the definite objective of the Day of Reconciliation.

Learning about History and Culture

The Day of Reconciliation is said to be affiliated with the big significant part of the past over the South African history. Due to this fact, Afrikaners would dig deeper to learn more about the history which is related to the said holiday. Cultures are shown and how Afrikaners celebrate the holiday before and how it started.

The day would be filled with speeches from the official leaders of the government which is seen on various medias. Some media would also interview people about their insights of the commemorated holiday.

Sports-Related Activities

To mark the holiday, some South African people would participate on a fun run. They would do this to show love for the country by communicating with other people using sports. This traditional observance would always take place each year.

Preparing for Christmas Celebration

To some people, this day is celebrated in addition to preparing for a much bigger cultural celebration worldwide which is Christmas Day. Some people opt to start preparing, shopping, or decorating for the approaching celebration. Nevertheless, it is very apparent that people in Africa give importance to this day and appreciate their nation’s traditions and cultures.

Dates of Observance for Day of Reconciliation
Year Date Day Holiday
2022 December 16 Friday Day of Reconciliation
2023 December 16 Saturday Day of Reconciliation
2024 December 16 Monday Day of Reconciliation
2025 December 16 Tuesday Day of Reconciliation
2026 December 16 Wednesday Day of Reconciliation
2027 December 16 Thursday Day of Reconciliation
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