Easter Monday in New Zealand

When is Easter Monday in New Zealand?

Easter Monday in New Zealand is on April 10, 2023. It falls on Monday.

How many days until Easter Monday in New Zealand?

There are 130 Days left until Easter Monday in New Zealand.

Is Easter Monday a public holiday in New Zealand?

Easter Monday is a celebration for Christians since this holiday comes after the Easter Sunday. This holiday is celebrated to commemorate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. After he got crucified on Good Friday, it is believed that he resurrected on Easter Sunday. Easter Monday has always been a significant day for the Christian people since it is the day after Jesus Christ came back to life. Easter Monday is the last day for the celebration of the Holy Week. Hence, it is observed as a public holiday in New Zealand. The country’s post offices, government offices, and most businesses are close for the whole day. Some shops and restaurants observe unusual schedules while all schools are close as well.

Easter Monday Origin

What determines the date of celebration for Easter Monday?

Paschall full moon commonly occurs between the last week of March and the following week of April. Easter celebration follows the Paschal full moon that dictates the dates for the Easter that’s why Easter falls in between March 21 and April 25. Easter Monday is the first Monday that occurs after the Paschal full moon. Paschal comes from the Greek word ‘pascha’ and Hebrew word ‘pesach’ which means ‘to pass over’. Passover is one of the most important holidays for Jews. This is the day to commemorate the liberation of the children from Israel. In the ancient times, Passover was based on Jewish Calendar. Passover has always been a special day for Christians since it is during this day that Jesus got crucified and died.

Religious significance

Easter Monday is one of the oldest Christian holidays celebrated throughout the world together with the other holidays for the Holy Week. This observance holds a religious significance for Christians as this day follows the day when Jesus Christ returned to earth after he resurrected on Easter Sunday. Easter Monday reminds Christians how Jesus sacrificed for the sins of the people and how he came back from the dead. Easter celebration could be traced back on 2nd century. This movable feast is based on the Hebrew Calendar.

Easter Monday Traditions in New Zealand

Nowadays, Easter has become a big celebration not just in New Zealand, but to other Christian countries celebrating it. For the Kiwis (colloquial term for New Zealanders), Easter means a lot of things – from special masses to decorated Easter eggs and eating hot cross buns. The Kiwis are oftentimes seen eating hot cross buns during the Easter holidays. Hot cross buns are sweet buns made with fruits topped with a cross symbol. Attending special church services on this day are also practiced by many Christian Kiwis.

Easter Eggs

In ancient times, eggs mean new life and symbol of rebirth and fertility. For Christians, Easter eggs represent the emerging of Jesus Christ from his tomb during his resurrection. Easter Eggs are the main highlight during the holiday. Children would have fun painting and decorating their eggs with the family. Parents would spend time with their children while doing traditional customs for Easter. Children would also enjoy hunting Easter eggs starting from Good Friday until the last day of the Easter, Easter Monday.

Auckland Easter Show

Otherwise known as Royal Easter Show, this event is held annually in Auckland, New Zealand. It is known for being the most loved family show, the most popular, and the largest family festival in the country. All ages could enjoy the event since it features many entertaining activities. This event could attract for approximately 180,000 people during the four-day weekend. Royal Easter Show focuses on traditional agricultural events and highlights the rural life of the Kiwis. Easter Show also includes sporting events, stalls, live entertainment, and wine competitions. Amazing art exhibitions and craft would thrill the adults while rides are mostly for the children guided by their guardians. The fireworks display is the most awaited moment for the Kiwis since it makes the celebration livelier.

Easter welcomes the autumn season in the country, and considering the long easter weekend, many prefer to travel to take advantage of the holiday break. Since Easter Monday is the last day of the Easter celebration, families who had spent the Easter holidays at the beach or any other vacation spots tend to travel back home on this day.

Dates of Observance for Easter Monday
Year Date Day Holiday
2023 April 10 Monday Easter Monday
2024 April 01 Monday Easter Monday
2025 April 21 Monday Easter Monday
2026 April 06 Monday Easter Monday
2027 March 29 Monday Easter Monday
2028 April 17 Monday Easter Monday
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