Easter Sunday in Australia

When is Easter Sunday in Australia?

Easter Sunday in Australia is on April 9, 2023. It falls on Sunday.

How many days until Easter Sunday in Australia?

There are 7 Days left until Easter Sunday in Australia.

Is Easter Sunday a public holiday in Australia?

Easter Sunday is an annual observance held in various countries around the world and one of which is Australia. Easter Sunday commemorates the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ rose from the dead on his tomb on the third day after his crucifixion. Although Easter Sunday is not a designated official public holiday in the Australia, numerous people in the country (especially Christians) observe Easter Sunday. Since the holiday falls on Sunday, most Australians enjoy a day off work on this day. Even though it is not a public holiday in the country, some businesses, government offices, and other shops observe unusual opening and closing hours. Some would even choose to close on this day. Australian people are expected to celebrate the Easter long weekend with the family and some close friends.

Easter Sunday Origin

Easter Sunday is very significant date for Christians especially in Australia aside from the Good Friday. Easter marks the resurrection of Jesus where women including Mary (the mother of beloved Jesus) and Mary Magdalene located an empty tomb in the cave where Jesus was laid after his crucifixion. Christians believed that he rose from his grave. Christians concluded that he came back to life as a proof that Jesus would come back for all of us. Based on the standard Julian Calendar used by ancient, the Last Supper which is Jesus’ last Jewish Passover happened on Wednesday, April 1 33AD and his crucifixion on Friday, April 3 33AD. Therefore, he got resurrected on Sunday, April 5 33 A.D.

Easter Sunday Traditions in Australia

Australian people celebrate the holiday in different ways. Religious customs are applied for the holiday. People would attend offered special church activities. They would make time to attend the mass and some would donate for the church. In the morning, most homes would organize an Easter hunt in the garden.

Easter Egg Hunting

Just like in other countries, Easter egg hunting is also practiced in Australia. Children would enjoy hunting those Easter eggs and find most eggs hidden. Chocolate Easter eggs are commonly eaten by children on this day. Chocolate manufacturers are favored for this holiday since bilby-shaped chocolates are really popular in Australia. Bilbies are native Australian which are endangered species and to help them from extinction, chocolate manufacturers would make Easter bilbies and support these animals.

National Folk Festival

Many festivities and events take place in the entire country. One of the joyous celebrations include National Folk Festival which is held at the Exhibition Park in Canberra. This festival is known for traditional music and dance, culture of everyday life and history. More or less fifty thousand of Australian people would attend this festivity since it is certainly entertaining even for adults.

Sydney Royal Easter Show

Aside from the National Folk Festival, many Australians head to take part and experience the annual Sydney Royal Easter Show. Sydney Royal Easter Show is the largest festival in Australia which takes place in Sydney Olympic Park. It is a celebration yearly which shows the lifestyle of Australian people and the modern cultures. Despite the fact that Sydney Royal Easter Show is a ticketed event, many people are still attracted to watch and experience remarkable celebration.

Byron Bay Bluesfest

Another popular event that is organized around this holiday is the Byron Bay Bluesfest, a music festival held each year for the Easter long weekend. This festival is organized in or around Byron Bay. Byron Bay is a beachside town which is situated in New South Wales, Australia. This event does not just attract music enthusiasts, but also those who like to go outdoors like camping, enjoying food and drinks, and other family-friendly activities around the area.

Outdoor Activities

Since Easter is a four-day celebration, some Australian families would enjoy outdoor activities. They would go on a fascinating beach and have fun on a warm weather. They would play sports in the seashore like volleyball, football and frisbee. Some people would travel and visit their relatives and celebrate the holiday with them.

Dates of Observance for Easter Sunday
Year Date Day Holiday
2023 April 09 Sunday Easter Sunday
2024 March 31 Sunday Easter Sunday
2025 April 20 Sunday Easter Sunday
2026 April 05 Sunday Easter Sunday
2027 March 28 Sunday Easter Sunday
2028 April 16 Sunday Easter Sunday
Upcoming Australia Holidays
Holiday Date
Good Friday April 07, 2023
Easter Saturday April 08, 2023
Easter Sunday April 09, 2023