Easter Sunday in Ireland

When is Easter Sunday?

Easter Sunday is on April 17, 2022.
It falls on Sunday.

How many days until Easter Sunday?

There are 361 Days left until Easter Sunday in Ireland.

What is Easter Sunday?

Easter Sunday, locally known as ‘Domhnach na Cásca’ in Ireland, is a Christian holiday which commemorates the Resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead. It is observed three days after his crucifixion (which happened on Friday). The holiday is very significant day in Christian beliefs since it remembers the day where Jesus rose from his tomb after his death at Calvary. Easter Sunday is one of the most celebrated holidays around the globe in light to the fact that Christianity is the leading religion across the globe. Specifically in Ireland, it is a predominantly Christian country hence Easter Sunday is observed in the country, although it is not an official public holiday. On this day, majority of businesses, organizations, and other establishments observe usual schedules in working. However, children have many festivities prepared for the holiday that would make the holiday joyous.

Easter Sunday Origin

Jesus Christ is believed to be the Son of God by Christians. When the Roman authorities were threatened by his teachings, they arrested Jesus. Pontius Pilate, the fifth governor of the Roman province of Judaea, gave an order to crucify Jesus in the cross. Jesus rose from his tomb third day after his crucifixion which marks his resurrection on an Easter Sunday. A historical event happened on an Easter Monday, April 24, 1916. A rebellion held by Irish Republicans against the British government in Ireland. More than 2,000 people were killed and suffered. People who lead the rebellion were executed. The rebellion ended on April 29, 1916 on Saturday. This rebellion is called ‘Easter Rising’ which proved that Irish people really struggled to have their independence. To mark the anniversary of Easter Rising, a military ceremony is held in Dublin annually during the Easter Sunday. Parades are done and big officials like the President would offer a speech about the event.

Easter Sunday Traditions in Ireland

In previous years, watching the rising of the sun and how its rays dance in the wall or reflects on the water is one way to welcome the holiday with the family. This is coming from an old belief that it symbolizes joy from the Savior’s rising. For some parents, it was a popular practice to wake their children up before the sun rises and head to an elevated area (if accessible) like in a mountain and wait for the sun to rise. When the time comes, they would glance its brightness on the water where it would reflect its rays. Some families who couldn’t make it to an elevated area would alternately place a container with water in it in the bottom part of the window and just watch how the sunrays dance in the wall or in the window. All those beliefs are not as highly practiced as the years before but generally, it symbolizes joy for the rising of Jesus from death.

On Easter Sunday evening, a large dancing contest is organized in Ireland called ‘Pruthog’. In such dancing contest, the winners would be a girl and a boy and they are chosen among the group according to who dances the best. Usually, couples would compete for the prize. The prize would be a cake that would be shared for everyone and divided equally. This custom cleared the quote saying, ‘That takes the cake’.

At lunch, families are gathered with some close friends and eat together with delicious recipes served. The dishes eaten for Easter Sunday lunch are usually prepared by some members of the family. Since this is the biggest meal for the holiday, traditional Easter Sunday dishes such as roasted leg of lamb, glazed asparagus, hot cross buns, baked Easter ham, and many more are served. Easter Basket Cake is typically made for dessert. On this day, Easter eggs are also eaten which were the most awaited by children.

To start the spring season, Irish people would typically clean their houses and would wait for a priest to take rounds and bless the house. It has become part of the Easter Sunday celebration for some Irish families to attend the special mass held for the holiday. Family members usually give thanks for another day with their loved ones as well as their blessings. Each member of the family would ask for forgiveness from above and give thanks to Jesus for his sufferings that made everyone reach from what they have now.

Herring Procession is one of the customs done for Easter Sunday. It is a simulated herring funeral. A herring is a forage fish and as part of the Irish custom, the herring is placed on a long stick and people who experienced economic loss would follow behind. They would do mock funeral for the dead herring which was whipped by them. They would march to a local church in their town or village. This is how some people start the Easter celebration in Ireland. For others, they usually buy new clothes which symbolizes rebirth and renewal (which has similar concept to Easter Sunday celebration).

Dates of Observance for Easter Sunday
Year Date Day Holiday
2022 April 17 Sunday Easter Sunday
2023 April 09 Sunday Easter Sunday
2024 March 31 Sunday Easter Sunday
2025 April 20 Sunday Easter Sunday
2026 April 05 Sunday Easter Sunday
2027 March 28 Sunday Easter Sunday
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