EDSA Revolution Anniversary in the Philippines

When is EDSA Revolution Anniversary in Philippines?

EDSA Revolution Anniversary in Philippines is on February 25, 2023. It falls on Saturday.

How many days until EDSA Revolution Anniversary in Philippines?

There are 277 Days left until EDSA Revolution Anniversary in the Philippines.

Is EDSA Revolution Anniversary a public holiday in Philippines?

Edsa Revolution Anniversary, often known as People Power Revolution Anniversary, is a public holiday in the Philippines commemorating the historical event when millions of Filipinos showed non-violent civil resistance against the regime of President Ferdinand Marcos which reestablished democracy in the Philippines. People Power Revolution was a historic event that took place for three days way back on year 1986, starting from February 22 to 23. EDSA Revolution Anniversary is solemnized every 25th day of the month of February.

What caused EDSA Revolution?

The former leader of the country, President Ferdinand Marcos, lead the Philippines defeating Diosdado Macapagal with a dictatorial state of the government who led for approximately 20 years starting from year 1965. Native Filipinos found him as violent and greedy for money and power. Thus, to keep his power and control to people, he suddenly affirmed Martial Law, a form of government where military had the power to control civilians directly signed on September 21, 1972. More or less, there were two million Filipinos gathered on the major road in Manila typically called as EDSA (Epifanio de los Santos Avenue). They were protesting for the proclamation of Martial Law in EDSA that made the form of government change where democracy was reestablished.

On August 21, 1983, a long-term political opponent of President Marcos was assassinated at Manila International Airport (now NAIA). Former Senator Benigno ‘Ninoy’ Aquino, Jr. being his political opponent was shot dead in Manila International Airport after having treatment from United States of America. This led Ferdinand Marcos in declaring a democratic election. But then, he was defeated by the opposed Corazon Aquino who’s also the wife of the former senator. Through this, Corazon Aquino was entitled as the ‘First Female President in Philippines’ all throughout the history. All because of People Power Revolution, the restoration of democracy and removal of Marcos for power happened. The EDSA Revolution is known to the world as a bloodless revolution.

Common Practices in the Philippines during the EDSA Revolution Anniversary

Wearing Yellow-Colored Shirts and Ribbons

In celebration for EDSA’s anniversary, large crowds would gather in EDSA road which was considered as a part of the Philippine History. They would wear any shirts with yellow color since it was the symbol of the rival political group of Ferdinand Marcos known as ‘LABAN PARTY’. Filipinos would raise their hands in the air, forming a letter ‘L’ since it signified the first letter of the word ‘Laban’ which means ‘Fight’. The yellow ribbon is one of the most common figures seen during the EDSA Revolution Anniversary in fact, it has become the de facto color for Aquino family. In addition, it is also a common practice for some political songs to be played during this holiday, along with the Philippine National Anthem.

Attending Church Services

Meanwhile, it is customary for some Filipinos to engage in church services and activities while reminiscing the events that happened on year 1986. During the EDSA Revolution, the priests and nuns took part in the event. They offered prayers at the height of the revolution. Such contributed to the peaceful manner of the reestablishment of democracy in the country. Medias are also seen everywhere in Manila, specifically in EDSA for documentaries so that the whole nation can witness the said holiday, particularly to those who live in the province.

Informative Displays about EDSA Revolution

On this holiday, it is also apparent for some public establishments such as malls, museums, and monuments to host informative displays that reminds the public about the EDSA Revolution. Such display may include historic images, events and documentaries about such part in Philippine history. The commemoration had always been a school holiday in the country which means that all schools, may it be a private or public center of learning, are closed. However, most businesses, establishments, and other corporations may remain open.

Dates of Observance for EDSA Revolution Anniversary
Year Date Day Holiday
2023 February 25 Saturday EDSA Revolution Anniversary
2024 February 25 Sunday EDSA Revolution Anniversary
2025 February 25 Tuesday EDSA Revolution Anniversary
2026 February 25 Wednesday EDSA Revolution Anniversary
2027 February 25 Thursday EDSA Revolution Anniversary
2028 February 25 Friday EDSA Revolution Anniversary
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