First Philippine Republic Day in the Philippines

When is First Philippine Republic Day in Philippines?

First Philippine Republic Day in Philippines is on January 23, 2023. It falls on Monday.

How many days until First Philippine Republic Day in Philippines?

There are 166 Days left until First Philippine Republic Day in the Philippines.

Is First Philippine Republic Day a public holiday in Philippines?

Philippine Republic, known in its Filipino name as Republikang Pilipino, otherwise known as Malolos Republic, is an annual special working holiday in the Philippines. The observance takes place every 23rd of January. This holiday is a celebration of the First Philippine Republic was declared on January 23, 1899. The declaration took place in Barasoain Church in Malolos City, Bulacan hence the term Malolos Republic. The First Republic was headed by the Revolution General Emilio Aguinaldo.

About First Philippine Republic Day

Philippines was under a Spanish rule for over 3 centuries. The proclamation of the First Philippine Republic is traced back to the Philippine Revolution against the Spanish Empire which started from 1896 to 1897, as well as the Spanish-American War which took place on year 1898. The revolutionary government in the Philippines was headed by a Filipino military and revolutionary leader, Emilio Aguinaldo.

The Declaration of the First Philippine Republic

Emilio Aguinaldo, together with other Philippine leaders, went to Hong Kong on 1897 after having peace from Spain. April on 1898, Spanish-American War took place and American forces overcome Spanish forces on May 1 on the same year. When Aguinaldo heard about this, he came back to the Philippines at around the month of May and fixed dictatorial government. Filipinos finally proclaimed their independence on June 12, 1898 when Aguinaldo declared their freedom from Spanish colonial in his own house. This day was much significant for Filipinos on Philippine Revolution against Spanish people. The declaration of the First Republic Day has its origin on January 23, 1899 held in Barasoain Church in the City of Malolos, Province of Bulacan. Then the country became republic led by Emilio Aguinaldo as the president of the country.

Who declared First Philippine Republic Day as an official holiday?

The current president of the country, President Rodrigo Duterte, signed a law making the holiday a special working holiday in the entire country under Republic Act #11014. Government offices, organizations and other establishments follow their regular schedules and opening. Schools remain open if the holiday falls on school days. Even though the holiday is not one of the non-working holidays, Filipino people give importance to this event. Most people in the Philippines celebrate this day to honor their liberation and self-rule.

Common Practices during First Philippine Republic Day

Even though the said holiday is not a public holiday, Filipinos still observe and value the First Philippine Republic Day. They would express their love for the nation and heroes who helped them have their freedom. Filipino people have this way of thinking where they would stick with their words and extremely likely to do what they said. They would take actions and not only with words. To achieve these, they would strictly follow rules and laws in their country. Overall, it may be said that self-discipline and taking responsibilities are must as a result of having your freedom. Freedom is not all about being free from doing everything you want but being right from what you are doing.

Museums and Historical Monuments

For some people in the Philippines, visiting museums and historical monuments has become part of the celebration for the First Philippine Republic Day.

Informative Displays

Even though most people follow their regular hours considering it’s a working holiday, some local communities and cities arrange events for the public. Some malls even arrange informative displays in some areas, for the public to learn about the holiday and the historical events. If the holiday falls during weekdays, some schools arrange activities for students that teaches them about the historical events that led to the proclamation of the First Philippine Republic. It is customary for some educational institutions to arrange some activities that engages students in an interesting way, while learning about the holiday.

Dates of Observance for First Philippine Republic Day
Year Date Day Holiday
2023 January 23 Monday First Philippine Republic Day
2024 January 23 Tuesday First Philippine Republic Day
2025 January 23 Thursday First Philippine Republic Day
2026 January 23 Friday First Philippine Republic Day
2027 January 23 Saturday First Philippine Republic Day
2028 January 23 Sunday First Philippine Republic Day
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