Good Friday in Canada

When is Good Friday in Canada?

Good Friday in Canada is on April 7, 2023. It falls on Friday.

How many days until Good Friday in Canada?

There are 60 Days left until Good Friday in Canada.

Is Good Friday a public holiday in Canada?

Good Friday is a federal statutory holiday in Canada that is annually observed on the Friday before Easter Sunday each year. Besides Quebec where it is only partially observed, all other Canadian provinces and territories observe Good Friday as a statutory holiday. While few stores and businesses remain open, most offices (both in the public and private sectors) as well as all banking institutions and schools are expected to close on this day.

Origin of Good Friday

Christianity is the largest religion in the world; thus, Canada, along with many other Christian countries celebrate Good Friday.

Why do Christians celebrate Good Friday?

Good Friday, which is also referred to as Black Friday, Crucifixion Day, Fast Day, Holy Friday, Long Friday, or Great Friday, is one of the oldest holidays that is celebrated in present times. It marks one of the major events in the Christian religion – the crucifixion and death of Jesus whom Christians believed is the Son of God. Christians are convinced that Jesus died on Good Friday and therefore observe this day to commemorate such important event. Through Jesus Christ’s sacrifices and sufferings at the cross, Christians believed that they are saved from their sins. This is the reason why Christian followers perceived Jesus as their savior and why Good Friday is considered one of the most important among all Christian holidays.

Good Friday Traditions in Canada

Good Friday is celebrated in various ways, depending on each country’s customs and traditions. For the Canadians, this day means partaking on special church services, eating hot cross buns, and spending time with loved ones.

Attending church services

Churches are open for special sermons and masses on Good Friday. Since most of the Canadians are Christians, it has become customary for the majority to attend the special church services held on this day. Some churches also traditionally organize events to re-enact the crucifixion of Jesus and/or an act that depicts Jesus’ life on his remaining hours.


Depending on each family’s traditions, there are some Canadians who tend to do fasting on Good Friday. Fasting is a religious observance where one abstains from eating. Others who do partial fasting may only consume small amount of food on this day. Refraining from eating meat is also highly observed by many. Fasting is done on Good Friday to show repentance for the sins committed.

Eating hot cross buns

If there’s a special food associated with the celebration of Good Friday, that would be the hot cross buns. Hot cross buns are traditional treat eaten by most Canadians during the holiday. It is a spiced sweet bun made with fruit and is typically marked with a cross symbol on the top. This food is popular because of its religious connotations. Aside from Canada, other Christian countries which served hot cross buns on Good Friday include the United States, United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa.

Good Friday, a day spent with loved ones

For many Canadians, especially those who follow other beliefs, Good Friday is a day meant to be spent together with family, relatives, and friends. They take this holiday as a significant opportunity to get some fresh air and enjoy the day with their loved ones. It’s a good time to take a vacation, do some relaxing activities, and take advantage of the long weekend. Going to live concerts, shows, and other outdoor activities are also popular go-to events for other non-Christians.

Dates of Observance for Good Friday
Year Date Day Holiday
2023 April 07 Friday Good Friday
2024 March 29 Friday Good Friday
2025 April 18 Friday Good Friday
2026 April 03 Friday Good Friday
2027 March 26 Friday Good Friday
2028 April 14 Friday Good Friday
Upcoming Canada Holidays
Holiday Date
Good Friday April 07, 2023
Easter Sunday April 09, 2023
Mother's Day May 14, 2023