Labour Day in Canada

When is Labour Day in Canada?

Labour Day in Canada is on September 5, 2022. It falls on Monday.

How many days until Labour Day in Canada?

There are 101 Days left until Labour Day in Canada.

Is Labour Day a public holiday in Canada?

Labour Day is a statutory holiday in Canada that is celebrated every first Monday of September, same day as the observance of the United States.

Labour Day's Origin

The observance of Labour Day can be traced back to the printer's strike that took place in Toronto in 1872. For historians, it was the first fundamental public demonstration for worker's rights. Such event is referred to as the Nine-Hour-Movement, a fight for a nine-hour workday. Way back then, it was expected for workers to work for 12 hours a day in 6 days per week. Because of that, workers in Toronto were unified and marched through the city. That paved way to changing the labor relationship in Canada.

On July 23, 1894, the government of Prime Minister John Thompson passed a law making Labour Day official. After the national labour holiday was declared, the celebration quickly spread throughout Canada. Currently, there are many countries around the world that also celebrate the same holiday, though the dates may vary.

Labour Day's Tradition and Celebrations

This public holiday is celebrated to honor the achievements and contributions of Canadian workers. The labour movement of the country are shown appreciation on this holiday and employees can enjoy a day off with pay. For most Canadians, it’s a time to relax and unwind. There are some stores and establishments that remain open with special hours of operation on Labour Day in Canada however, most offices, businesses and schools are closed.

Canadians usually celebrate this holiday with family and friends. For most people, it is the last long weekend of summer so they would take this holiday as a family time and would go on a long weekend vacation. Some would go out on a picnic with family or friends. Many people would also volunteer to many organized Labour Day activities in the country.

Attending Outdoor events

Some communities and local government organize games and public events. On this day, many people engage in activities like participating in parades, watching fireworks, watching sports, concerts, among others. While some workers still take this day to call for better benefits and working conditions for laborers, majority of the Canadians nowadays celebrate this day with fun activities. People typically say “Happy Labour Day” as a greeting for the holiday.

Dates of Observance for Labour Day
Year Date Day Holiday
2022 September 05 Monday Labour Day
2023 September 04 Monday Labour Day
2024 September 02 Monday Labour Day
2025 September 01 Monday Labour Day
2026 September 07 Monday Labour Day
2027 September 06 Monday Labour Day
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