New Year's Day in Ireland

When is New Year's Day in Ireland?

New Year's Day in Ireland is on January 1, 2023. It falls on Sunday.

How many days until New Year's Day in Ireland?

There are 219 Days left until New Year's Day in Ireland.

Is New Year's Day a public holiday in Ireland?

New Year’s Day is one of the holidays celebrated around the world which is a huge celebration compared to other holidays. In Ireland, New Year's Day is a public holiday. It is observed every 1st day of January based on Gregorian Calendar. New Year’s Day is a celebration to welcome the first day of the year. Almost all businesses, shops, and establishments in Ireland are closed on this day. New Year’s Day is expected to be celebrated along with the family, friends, and relatives. It is a day to spend time with your loved ones to welcome another new year. People tend to have a big celebration for the holiday.

New Year's Day Origin

When the old Roman calendar was used, there were only ten months in a year and the New Year’s Day was observed on 15th day of March. The old Roman calendar was replaced by Julian calendar, where two months were added, particularly January and February. That made the total months in a year twelve, instead of ten. When Gregorian calendar was introduced and adapted, January 1st was already declared as the fixed date of the holiday. The two months were supposed to be the end of the year, but it came out to be the first two months which starts the year. It was established on 153 BCE by the two Roman consuls back then. It was on 1582 when the Gregorian Calendar was announced to be the most widely used calendar system. Since Gregorian Calendar is the most used calendar nowadays, New Year’s Day is celebrated every January 1st by most countries internationally.

New Year's Day Traditions in Ireland

There are many traditions for Irish people during the New Year’s Day and one of it is setting a table for those family members who died. Families would have their dinner together and would leave a certain seat to those loved ones who passed away. They would leave the door open for they believe that it would make the spirit easily return to their home and would be present for the dinner.

Irish Customs and Beliefs on New Year's Day

Irish people believe that guests should enter the house through front door and should exit through back door. This is another tradition to have fortune within the family. Banging off bad luck using bread is another way to secure luck. They would toss the bread in doors and walls of their respective houses. Irish people believe that it would wash away bad spirits and bad luck in the house. Different custom called Westerly Winds is also observed where Irish people hope that the wind would come from the west which means the year would be great and good but if it is from the east, the year would be worse. That’s why people would be expecting from Westerly Winds.

New Year's Resolution

For some people, the holiday celebration would not be ideal and complete without the New Year’s Resolutions. People tend to wish for their change and glow up. Some of the common resolutions would be losing weight, become taller, healthier body, among many others. Family and friends would welcome the year together. They would have dinner together, catch up each life and have some drinks. They would watch the fireworks display when midnight strikes and enjoy those beautiful scenery in the sky.

General Cleaning in preparation for the new year

Irish people have many traditions when it pertains to their luck for the new year. The best way to start the new year is to clean the whole house. General cleaning is a must for the holiday for Irish people specially to aged people since this is an old tradition. To bring fortune for the year, the first person who should enter the door when 12 o’clock at midnight strikes on January 1st must be a dark, handsome, and black-haired male. Some people have this belief that if a woman with red hair who first enter the house would bring them bad luck for the whole year.

Some people have this New Year’s Day tradition where they would place a mistletoe, ivy or holly under the pillow when sleeping. They do this hoping they would meet their partner. They would also put another mistletoe in front of the door of their house wishing it would bring a good luck in finding their certain partner that would be with them through ups and downs.

Dates of Observance for New Year's Day
Year Date Day Holiday
2023 January 01 Sunday New Year's Day
2024 January 01 Monday New Year's Day
2025 January 01 Wednesday New Year's Day
2026 January 01 Thursday New Year's Day
2027 January 01 Friday New Year's Day
2028 January 01 Saturday New Year's Day
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Holiday Date
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First Monday in August August 01, 2022
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