New Year's Day in Canada

When is New Year's Day in Canada?

New Year's Day in Canada is on January 1, 2024. It falls on Monday.

How many days until New Year's Day in Canada?

There are 329 Days left until New Year's Day in Canada.

Is New Year's Day a public holiday in Canada?

New Year’s Day is a statutory holiday in Canada celebrated every January 1st of the year. It is one of the most common public holidays observed not only in the country but to the rest of the world. This holiday is held on the first day of the year, following the Gregorian Calendar. On this day, schools, businesses, and most public and private organizations are closed and employees are given a day off.

What is the Origin of New Year's Day?

According to historical records, January 1 was first celebrated as New Year’s Day way back 45 B.C., when the Julian calendar was used for the first time. The Julian Calendar was a replacement of the early Roman calendar that was previously utilized. In the ancient times, the early Roman calendar (which only consists of 10 months) was the calendar system used – this was the time when the New Year was celebrated in March. However, this changed upon the introduction of the Julian calendar.

Julian to Gregorian calendar system

Prior to Gregorian calendar’s usage, most parts in Europe and elsewhere had used the Julian calendar. The Julian calendar was proposed by Julius Caesar, a general, politician, and scholar in ancient Rome. This calendar system added the months of January and February, therefore moving the New Year celebration from March to January 1. However, since the Julian calendar has too many leap days, a new calendar system called Gregorian calendar was introduced, allowing for a more accurate realignment of the yearly equinoxes.

As a reform of the Julian calendar, the Gregorian calendar was instituted. It was named after Pope Gregory XIII who was responsible for its institution. Currently, most countries around the globe, including Canada, have adapted the Gregorian calendar system – which explains the reason why Canadians celebrate New Year’s Day every first of January.

New Year's Day Traditions in Canada

One of the biggest events held not just in Canada but to many other parts of the world is the celebration of New Year. Celebrated on January 1st each year, this day highlights numerous festive activities which vary per country.

How do Canadians celebrate New Year’s Day?

For the Canadians, this day is welcomed through New Year countdowns, watching fireworks displays, attending parties, family gatherings, and concerts, and feasting on the traditional New Year foods prepared for the occasion. Others may also attend midnight mass, go ice fishing, or go on a holiday getaway. Additionally, the practice of writing a "New Year’s Resolution" is also observed by many Canadians. It’s a practice where a person pledges to attain a goal or improve traits and behavior for the brand-new year.

New Year countdown and fireworks displays

New Year’s Day is a massive international celebration. Just like the common New Year's tradition in most countries, Canadians also do a countdown to mark the beginning of the new year. When the clock strikes at 12:00 am, fireworks and firecrackers are launched in many parts of the Canadian provinces and territories. Watching these large displays of fireworks is customary for most Canadians. Crowds of spectators often gather in public areas to witness these magnificent displays staged to welcome the start of the new calendar year.

New Year parties

Most of the Canadians spend this holiday with family and friends. In large cities, large parties and a variety of entertainments are usually organized. A lot of this new year parties are also hosted by several people at their personal residences, inviting their family members, relatives, and friends. These parties or gatherings are typically held on New Year’s Eve and continues up until the early hours of January first.

New Year foods and its symbol

Sharing and enjoying foods and drinks among family and friends has become a traditional practice for the Canadian’s New Year’s Day. Some people believe that foods bring luck and have symbolic meaning to it, and Canadians are no exception. For instance, many Canadians prepare rice noodles as it symbolizes long life. Serving pomegranate is also done as it is believed to bring good fortune. The same goes for grapes and pork which is believed to bring good luck, and lentils for prosperity.

Dates of Observance for New Year's Day
Year Date Day Holiday
2024 January 01 Monday New Year's Day
2025 January 01 Wednesday New Year's Day
2026 January 01 Thursday New Year's Day
2027 January 01 Friday New Year's Day
2028 January 01 Saturday New Year's Day
2029 January 01 Monday New Year's Day
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