New Year's Day in the United States

When is New Year's Day?

New Year's Day is on January 1, 2021.
It falls on Friday.

How many days until New Year's Day?

There are 64 Days left until New Year's Day in the United States.

What is New Year's Day?

New Year's Day is a federal holiday in the United States. It is widely celebrated around the world to welcome the new year, following the Gregorian Calendar.

New Year's Day Origin

New Year's Day is a federal holiday in the United States celebrated every January 1st of the year. It is one of the most common public holidays recognized around the world. The celebration takes place every first day of the year, following both Julian and Gregorian Calendar. The Julian Calendar is a calendrical reform of the Roman Calendar. It was proposed by Julius Caesar, a well-known General, politician, and scholar in Ancient Rome. It was mostly used in Europe and elsewhere until it was replaced by Gregorian Calendar - another calendar system named after Pope Gregory XII.

Americans follow the Gregorian calendar and currently, almost all countries around the world use the same calendar system. The New Year’s Day celebration can be traced back to a pre-Christian era of Rome. In honor of Janus, the Roman God of Gateways and beginnings, New Year’s Day is celebrated. That’s also how the month ‘January’ got its name.

New Year's Traditions

New Year’s Day is celebrated internationally, and it’s even shown live on TV oftentimes. In large cities, massive parties and different forms of entertainment are prevalent. It is a tradition to most American families to have social gatherings on New Year’s Eve. People normally do a countdown before the exact midnight and when the time strokes to midnight, fireworks and firecrackers set sail. A “Happy New Year” greeting is exchanged among friends, family and relatives. It is also a tradition to some people to make the so-called “New Year’s Resolution”. It refers to a practice when a person pledges to attain a goal or improve traits and behavior on the brand-new year.

On this holiday, people enjoy traditional food and drinks. Some people believe that foods have symbolic meaning. They prepare traditional New Year’s foods, believing it brings a good luck and abundance for the upcoming year. For instance, Southern Americans eat peas and beans for it symbolizes wealth; a cornbread is also prepared which represents gold, and many others. Generally, people all over the world has their unique, significant, and meaningful way of celebrating the New Year’s Day. Most celebrations include friends and family.

Dates of Observance for New Year's Day
Year Date Day Holiday
2021 January 01 Friday New Year's Day
2022 January 01 Saturday New Year's Day
2023 January 01 Sunday New Year's Day
2024 January 01 Monday New Year's Day
2025 January 01 Wednesday New Year's Day
2026 January 01 Thursday New Year's Day
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