Queen's Birthday in New Zealand

When is Queen's Birthday in New Zealand?

Queen's Birthday in New Zealand is on June 5, 2023. It falls on Monday.

How many days until Queen's Birthday in New Zealand?

There are 186 Days left until Queen's Birthday in New Zealand.

Is Queen's Birthday a public holiday in New Zealand?

Queen’s Birthday is a public holiday in New Zealand which is a moveable celebration, meaning, the observance date may vary each year. Other countries also celebrate Queen’s Birthday such as Australia, Canada, and United Kingdom. This holiday in New Zealand is observed annually during the first Monday of June. New Zealand celebrates the holiday for the reason that the Queen is the official head of state of the country. It is a public holiday in which Kiwis get their day off from work. Most government offices, businesses, shops, schools, and establishments are close during the holiday. Typically, people spend time with their family for the long weekend.

About Queen's Birthday in NZ

Why is Queen’s Birthday celebrated in New Zealand?

Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor, mostly known as Queen Elizabeth II of United Kingdom rules fifteen other Commonwealth realms, New Zealand being one of them. Queen Elizabeth II was born in London, England on April 21, 1926. Even though Queen Elizabeth II was born in April, New Zealand celebrates the holiday on the month of June. Over the course of history, the date of holiday celebration underwent some changes. New Zealand is one of the countries where the Queen reigns over, which is why the country celebrates the holiday. The Queen got married with Prince Philip on November 20, 1947 and has four children, Prince Charles, Princess Anne, Prince Andrew, and Prince Edward. Queen Elizabeth II has her formal coronation and got crowned in Westminster Abbey on June 2, 1953 at the age of 27. Currently, the Queen is best known for being the longest-reigning Monarch in British history in view of the fact that she ruled longer than any other Monarch.

Establishment of the holiday

Queen Elizabeth II has two birthday celebration annually, the actual one on April 21 and the official celebration on the first Monday of June. The traditional celebration of the holiday can be traced back on 1978. It began during the time of King George II when he was born in November which is not on a good weather so his father, King George wanted it to be a big celebration having the best weather. King George then decided to celebrate the birthday of his son during the summer season. During the ancient times of King and Queen’s birthday, their birthday celebration is normally not on the actual dates but on the day when all people could have the best day celebration having good weather.

Traditions and Activities in New Zealand during Queen's Birthday

Queen’s Honor List

Every Queen’s Birthday, Queen’s honor list would be released on this day. This list contains people who have great contributions to the country or the Commonwealth realms that the Queen ruled over. The Queen’s honor list highlights the public service of those citizens in New Zealand and get rewarded along with their titles as being honored for their significant benefaction. Hundreds of people are recognized having those outstanding achievement.

Travel for the long weekend

Thousands of Kiwis usually go for a trip together with the family and friends. Some great destination that New Zealanders usually travel during the Queen’s birthday are Queenstown, Auckland, Fiji, Rotorua, Waikato, and other places in the country. Kiwis want to travel during the long weekend to enjoy the Queen Elizabeth’s birthday and have a great adventure involving fun outdoor activities, like preparing for a barbeque party during the small get away trip. Some Kiwis take advantage of the holiday to take a rest. Since the holiday marks the opening of the ski season in New Zealand (which occurs from early June to late October), it is also very common for people in New Zealand to engage in some winter sports activities during Queen’s Birthday.

Special Meal

New Zealanders always prepare for a special meal with complete family and other close friends and relatives. They would throw a birthday celebration for the Queen and assigns a cook for the food preparation. Some recipes that most Kiwis prepare are chicken club sandwiches, salmon pinwheels, traditional shortbread wheels, bacon and cheese tart, black forest trifle, pork and apple sausage rolls and many other recipes. Some Kiwi families would also prepare a high tea, talk about the celebration, or simply catch up with each other’s lives.

Dates of Observance for Queen's Birthday
Year Date Day Holiday
2023 June 05 Monday Queen's Birthday
2024 June 03 Monday Queen's Birthday
2025 June 02 Monday Queen's Birthday
2026 June 01 Monday Queen's Birthday
2027 June 07 Monday Queen's Birthday
2028 June 05 Monday Queen's Birthday
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