Tax Day in the United States

When is Tax Day in United States?

Tax Day in United States is on April 18, 2023. It falls on Tuesday.

How many days until Tax Day in United States?

There are 251 Days left until Tax Day in the United States.

Is Tax Day a public holiday in United States?

Tax Day usually falls on April 15, but it is not an official public holiday in the United States. Most taxpayers in the United States see this day as the deadline for their submission of individual income tax returns (including the individual states) to the Internal Revenue Service.

If Tax Day falls on a weekend or the same day as other local holidays, its observance will be adjusted. Since it is not a public holiday, the country’s businesses, shops, public establishments, and educational institutions should continue to operate with their usual/regular schedules.

Origin of Tax Day

When was Tax Day first celebrated?

In the United States, Income tax was first introduced way back 1861. It was initiated to help the expenses and funds during the Civil War. Yet, few years later, it was revoked as it was seen by the public as unconstitutional. It was not until February 3, 1913, under the Revenue Act of 1861, that income tax was officially re-enacted.

From March 1 to March 15, and finally April 15

The date of observance of Tax Day in the United States has not always been the same. When Congress passed the 16th Amendment, March 1 was the specified date for the first Tax Day (taking place on March 1, 1914). On year 1918, it was moved to March 15. Years later, on 1955, it was again switched from March 15 to April 15 where it has then remained unchanged. Since then, Tax Day has been observed every 15th of April, unless it falls on a weekend or sometimes coincides with other local holidays (Emancipation Day and Patriots' Day) – wherein in these instances, its observance date will be adjusted or extended.

American Practices during Tax Day

In the United States, Tax Day is understood and acknowledged as the last day of submission for the employed Americans’ income tax returns to the Internal Revenue Service (more commonly known as IRS). The IRS is the United States government agency that is responsible for the collection of taxes and enforcement of tax laws. To avoid any late fees, all American taxpayers are required to submit their individual income tax returns (which are based on the previous years’ earnings) to the IRS on or before Tax Day.

How do Americans celebrate Tax Day?

On this day, American taxpayers declare their income to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) from the previous fiscal year. While most of the country’s residents are required to file for income tax returns, there are some individuals who are not necessarily required to do it, especially if their income is below a certain amount/figure.

Ways to file for Income Tax Returns in US

For efficiency and convenience, American taxpayers are given options in filing for their tax returns. Common methods could either be via paper or electronic filing (E-filing). The latter option though is the one preferred by many taxpayers as it offers a seamless filing process. For some taxpayers, they use the expertise and service of tax professionals like CPA's, tax attorneys, among others. Although using the services of tax professionals may have a fee, that is another convenient option for taxpayers in filing their tax return.

Tax Day for IRS Employees

For Internal Revenue Service (IRS) employees, Tax Day is a busy time of the year. The days/weeks leading up to Tax Day is also a busy period for them. The IRS performs several functions including the processing of submitted tax return and providing assistance and services to taxpayers. They also conduct some investigations in cases where there is an involvement of fraudulent tax filings.

Dates of Observance for Tax Day
Year Date Day Holiday
2023 April 18 Tuesday Tax Day
2024 April 15 Monday Tax Day
2025 April 15 Tuesday Tax Day
2026 April 15 Wednesday Tax Day
2027 April 15 Thursday Tax Day
2028 April 18 Tuesday Tax Day
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