Afghanistan Cities by Population (1 to 20)

Search all cities within the country of Afghanistan. Find out the population, time zones, current local time and more Afghanistan facts.

City Region Country Population
Kabul Kabul Afghanistan 4,434,550
Herat Herat Afghanistan 574,300
Mazar-e Sharif Balkh Afghanistan 523,300
Kandahar Kandahar Afghanistan 523,300
Jalalabad Nangarhar Afghanistan 271,900
Kunduz Kunduz Afghanistan 161,902
Ghazni Ghazni Afghanistan 141,000
Balkh Balkh Afghanistan 114,883
Baghlan Baghlan Afghanistan 108,449
Gardez Paktia Afghanistan 103,601
Khost Khowst Afghanistan 96,123
Maymana Faryab Afghanistan 75,900
Khanabad Kunduz Afghanistan 71,531
Bazar-e Yakawlang Bamyan Afghanistan 65,000
Bazarak Panjshir Afghanistan 65,000
Khulm Balkh Afghanistan 64,933
Taloqan Takhar Afghanistan 64,256
Bamyan Bamyan Afghanistan 61,863
Pul-e Khumri Baghlan Afghanistan 56,369
Shibirghan Jowzjan Afghanistan 55,641
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