Albania Cities by Population (21 to 40)

Search all cities within the country of Albania. Find out the population, time zones, current time and more Albania facts.

City Region Country Population
Burrel Diber Albania 15,405
Sarande Vlore Albania 15,147
Peshkopi Diber Albania 14,848
Cerrik Elbasan Albania 14,269
Shijak Durres Albania 14,138
Corovode Berat Albania 14,046
Librazhd-Qender Elbasan Albania 12,691
Tepelene Gjirokaster Albania 11,955
Gramsh Elbasan Albania 11,556
Bulqize Diber Albania 11,212
Kamez Tirana Albania 11,026
Permet Gjirokaster Albania 10,686
Polican Berat Albania 10,663
Fushe-Kruje Durres Albania 10,458
Ballsh Fier Albania 10,361
Rreshen Lezhe Albania 10,064
Mamurras Lezhe Albania 8,282
Erseke Korce Albania 7,890
Peqin Elbasan Albania 7,513
Bilisht Korce Albania 7,114
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