Belize Cities by Population (1 to 12)

Search all cities within the country of Belize. Find out the population, time zones, current time and more Belize facts.

City Region Country Population
Belize City Belize Belize 61,461
San Ignacio Cayo Belize 16,812
Orange Walk Orange Walk Belize 15,298
Belmopan Cayo Belize 13,381
Dangriga Stann Creek Belize 10,750
Corozal Corozal Belize 9,871
San Pedro Belize Belize 8,418
Benque Viejo el Carmen Cayo Belize 7,092
Punta Gorda Toledo Belize 5,205
Placencia Stann Creek Belize 4,300
Shipyard Orange Walk Belize 3,522
Valley of Peace Cayo Belize 1,809
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