Bolivia Cities by Population (1 to 20)

Search all cities within the country of Bolivia. Find out the population, time zones, current time and more Bolivia facts.

City Region Country Population
Santa Cruz de la Sierra Santa Cruz Bolivia 1,364,389
Cochabamba Cochabamba Bolivia 900,414
La Paz La Paz Bolivia 812,799
Sucre Chuquisaca Bolivia 224,838
Oruro Oruro Bolivia 208,684
Tarija Tarija Bolivia 159,269
Potosi Potosi Bolivia 141,251
Sacaba Cochabamba Bolivia 107,628
Montero Santa Cruz Bolivia 88,616
Quillacollo Cochabamba Bolivia 87,309
Trinidad El Beni Bolivia 84,259
Yacuiba Tarija Bolivia 82,803
Riberalta El Beni Bolivia 74,014
Tiquipaya Cochabamba Bolivia 53,904
Guayaramerin El Beni Bolivia 36,008
Bermejo Tarija Bolivia 35,411
Mizque Cochabamba Bolivia 30,481
Villazon Potosi Bolivia 30,253
Llallagua Potosi Bolivia 28,069
Camiri Santa Cruz Bolivia 27,961
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