India Cities by Population (2661 to 2680)

Search all cities within the country of India. Find out the population, time zones, current time and more India facts.

City Region Country Population
Muri West Bengal India 12,656
Pendra Chhattisgarh India 12,637
Khem Karan Punjab India 12,637
Khudaganj Uttar Pradesh India 12,636
Sonegaon Maharashtra India 12,614
Sirsa Uttar Pradesh India 12,608
Tattayyangarpettai Tamil Nadu India 12,604
Malkera Jharkhand India 12,591
Mairang Meghalaya India 12,586
Tosham Haryana India 12,528
Hansot Gujarat India 12,525
Dongargaon Chhattisgarh India 12,505
Mangawan Madhya Pradesh India 12,503
Vengurla Maharashtra India 12,498
Vedasandur Tamil Nadu India 12,493
Rahon Punjab India 12,485
Gandai Chhattisgarh India 12,475
Iluppur Tamil Nadu India 12,471
Navelim Goa India 12,469
Thirukattupalli Tamil Nadu India 12,465
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