Italy Cities by Population (6001 to 6020)

Search all cities within the country of Italy. Find out the population, time zones, current time and more Italy facts.

City Region Country Population
Fontanetto Po Piedmont Italy 1,181
Ronco Biellese Piedmont Italy 1,181
San Marco Campania Italy 1,181
Nuxis Sardinia Italy 1,180
Lughignano Veneto Italy 1,180
Progetto Case Sassa Nsi Abruzzo Italy 1,180
Terrossa Veneto Italy 1,179
Colonnella Abruzzo Italy 1,179
Donnici Inferiore Calabria Italy 1,178
Pianola Abruzzo Italy 1,178
Petina Campania Italy 1,178
Monte Grimano Umbria Italy 1,178
Cison di Valmarino Veneto Italy 1,178
Castelleone di Suasa The Marches Italy 1,177
Terrazzo Veneto Italy 1,176
Pallanzeno Piedmont Italy 1,176
Isola Dovarese Lombardy Italy 1,176
Cecchini Friuli Venezia Giulia Italy 1,175
Consiglio di Rumo Lombardy Italy 1,175
Marocchi Piedmont Italy 1,175
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