Kosovo Cities by Population (1 to 20)

Search all cities within the country of Kosovo. Find out the population, time zones, current time and more Kosovo facts.

City Region Country Population
Pristina Pristina Kosovo 550,000
Prizren Prizren Kosovo 171,464
Mitrovice Mitrovica Kosovo 107,045
Gjakove Gjakova Kosovo 94,158
Suva Reka Prizren Kosovo 72,229
Ferizaj Ferizaj Kosovo 59,504
Glogovac Pristina Kosovo 58,579
Gjilan Gjilan Kosovo 51,912
Decan Gjakova Kosovo 50,500
Pec Pec Kosovo 48,962
Vitina Gjilan Kosovo 46,959
Istok Pec Kosovo 40,000
Shtime Ferizaj Kosovo 35,000
Podujeva Pristina Kosovo 35,000
Dragash Prizren Kosovo 35,000
Vushtrri Mitrovica Kosovo 30,651
Orahovac Gjakova Kosovo 22,049
Llazice Prizren Kosovo 19,863
Leposaviq Mitrovica Kosovo 19,000
Zvecan Mitrovica Kosovo 17,000
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