Kuwait Cities by Population (1 to 20)

Search all cities within the country of Kuwait. Find out the population, time zones, current time and more Kuwait facts.

City Region Country Population
Al Ahmadi Al Ahmadi Kuwait 637,411
Hawalli Hawalli Kuwait 164,212
As Salimiyah Hawalli Kuwait 147,649
Sabah as Salim Mubarak al Kabir Kuwait 139,163
Al Farwaniyah Al Farwaniyah Kuwait 86,525
Al Fahahil Al Ahmadi Kuwait 68,290
Kuwait City Al Asimah Kuwait 60,064
Ar Rumaythiyah Hawalli Kuwait 58,135
Ar Riqqah Al Ahmadi Kuwait 52,068
Salwa Hawalli Kuwait 40,945
Al Manqaf Al Ahmadi Kuwait 39,025
Ar Rabiyah Al Asimah Kuwait 36,447
Bayan Hawalli Kuwait 30,635
Al Jahra' Muhafazat al Jahra' Kuwait 24,281
Al Fintas Al Ahmadi Kuwait 23,071
Janub as Surrah Al Farwaniyah Kuwait 18,496
Al Mahbulah Al Ahmadi Kuwait 18,178
Ad Dasmah Al Asimah Kuwait 17,585
Ash Shamiyah Al Asimah Kuwait 13,762
Al Wafrah Al Ahmadi Kuwait 10,017
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