Nicaragua Cities by Population (61 to 80)

Search all cities within the country of Nicaragua. Find out the population, time zones, current time and more Nicaragua facts.

City Region Country Population
La Concepcion Masaya Nicaragua 6,946
Nandasmo Masaya Nicaragua 6,934
Laguna de Perlas South Caribbean Coast Nicaragua 6,809
Waslala North Caribbean Coast Nicaragua 6,498
Waspan North Caribbean Coast Nicaragua 6,403
Posoltega Chinandega Nicaragua 6,403
Bonanza North Caribbean Coast Nicaragua 6,315
El Realejo Chinandega Nicaragua 6,208
Santo Domingo Chontales Nicaragua 5,827
Santa Teresa Carazo Nicaragua 5,789
San Rafael del Norte Jinotega Nicaragua 5,458
Belen Rivas Nicaragua 5,415
El Ayote Chontales Nicaragua 5,406
Potosi Rivas Nicaragua 5,222
Villa El Carmen Managua Nicaragua 5,219
Tisma Masaya Nicaragua 5,182
Masachapa Managua Nicaragua 5,000
San Juan de Limay Esteli Nicaragua 4,997
Muy Muy Matagalpa Nicaragua 4,839
Pueblo Nuevo Esteli Nicaragua 4,608
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