Norway Cities by Population (1 to 20)

Search all cities within the country of Norway. Find out the population, time zones, current time and more Norway facts.

City Region Country Population
Oslo Oslo Norway 580,000
Bergen Vestland Norway 213,585
Trondheim Trondelag Norway 147,139
Stavanger Rogaland Norway 121,610
Drammen Viken Norway 90,722
Fredrikstad Viken Norway 72,760
Kristiansand Agder Norway 63,814
Sandnes Rogaland Norway 63,032
Asker Viken Norway 60,926
Tromso Troms og Finnmark Norway 52,436
Sarpsborg Viken Norway 52,159
Skien Vestfold og Telemark Norway 50,595
Alesund More og Romsdal Norway 44,096
Sandefjord Vestfold og Telemark Norway 42,654
Haugesund Rogaland Norway 40,321
Tonsberg Vestfold og Telemark Norway 38,914
Moss Viken Norway 34,492
Porsgrunn Vestfold og Telemark Norway 34,377
Bodo Nordland Norway 34,073
Arendal Agder Norway 30,916
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