Togo Cities by Population (1 to 20)

Search all cities within the country of Togo. Find out the population, time zones, current time and more Togo facts.

City Region Country Population
Lome Maritime Togo 749,700
Sokode Centrale Togo 117,811
Kara Kara Togo 104,207
Atakpame Plateaux Togo 80,683
Kpalime Plateaux Togo 75,084
Bassar Kara Togo 61,845
Tsevie Maritime Togo 55,775
Aneho Maritime Togo 47,579
Sansanne-Mango Savanes Togo 37,748
Dapaong Savanes Togo 33,324
Tchamba Centrale Togo 25,668
Badou Plateaux Togo 24,000
Niamtougou Kara Togo 23,261
Bafilo Kara Togo 22,543
Notse Plateaux Togo 22,017
Sotouboua Centrale Togo 21,054
Vogan Maritime Togo 20,569
Tabligbo Maritime Togo 13,748
Kande Kara Togo 11,466
Amlame Plateaux Togo 9,870
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