Tunisia Cities by Population (1 to 20)

Search all cities within the country of Tunisia. Find out the population, time zones, current time and more Tunisia facts.

City Region Country Population
Tunis Tunis Tunisia 693,210
Sfax Safaqis Tunisia 277,278
Sousse Susah Tunisia 164,123
Kairouan Kairouan Tunisia 119,794
Bizerte Banzart Tunisia 115,268
Gabes Qabis Tunisia 110,075
Ariana Ariana Tunisia 97,687
Kasserine Al Qasrayn Tunisia 81,987
Gafsa Gafsa Tunisia 81,232
La Goulette Tunis Tunisia 79,795
Zarzis Madanin Tunisia 79,316
Ben Arous Bin 'Arus Tunisia 74,932
Monastir Al Munastir Tunisia 71,546
La Mohammedia Tunis Tunisia 66,593
Al Marsa Tunis Tunisia 65,640
Msaken Susah Tunisia 64,563
Skanes Al Munastir Tunisia 64,222
Houmt El Souk Madanin Tunisia 62,583
Tataouine Tataouine Tunisia 62,577
El Hamma Qabis Tunisia 62,000
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