Turkmenistan Cities by Population (1 to 20)

Search all cities within the country of Turkmenistan. Find out the population, time zones, current time and more Turkmenistan facts.

City Region Country Population
Ashgabat Ashgabat Turkmenistan 727,700
Turkmenabat Lebap Turkmenistan 234,817
Dasoguz Dasoguz Turkmenistan 166,500
Mary Mary Turkmenistan 114,680
Balkanabat Balkan Turkmenistan 87,822
Bayramaly Mary Turkmenistan 75,797
Turkmenbasy Balkan Turkmenistan 68,292
Tejen Ahal Turkmenistan 67,294
Abadan Ahal Turkmenistan 39,481
Yoloeten Mary Turkmenistan 37,705
Gowurdak Lebap Turkmenistan 34,745
Atamyrat Lebap Turkmenistan 33,242
Koeneuergench Dasoguz Turkmenistan 30,000
Anew Ahal Turkmenistan 27,526
Yylanly Dasoguz Turkmenistan 26,901
Gumdag Balkan Turkmenistan 24,312
Baharly Ahal Turkmenistan 22,991
Boldumsaz Dasoguz Turkmenistan 21,159
Bereket Balkan Turkmenistan 21,090
Gazojak Lebap Turkmenistan 21,021
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