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Business Expense Reimbursement in Excel (Aqua)

Get this printable business expense reimbursement template in Excel for free. It can help you request reimbursement for any reimbursable expenses.

Business Expense Reimbursement in Excel (Aqua)
Excel Template
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This business expense reimbursement is a helpful tool which allows employees to request reimbursement from employers for general business expenses. It can be printed or downloaded in Excel.

It only requires very basic information including company name, employee name, department, expense period, date, description, category, amount paid, subtotal, advance payment, total reimbursement, employee signature, approval signature, and notes.

You simply fill out the needed details, attach the necessary receipts, and send the reimbursement form to the appropriate department who will handle the reimbursement process.


  1. Enter company and employee information.

  2. Enter department name (if applicable).

  3. Specify expense period.

  4. Indicate the date when the expense was incurred.

  5. Enter description of each expense along with its category type, e.g., lodging, meal, transport, entertainment, etc.

  6. Enter amount paid for each expense. Calculations for the total reimbursement should be autogenerated upon entry of details.

  7. Enter advance payment (if applicable). In cases where an advance payment was provided by your employer, you may enter that figure under the designated section. This will be automatically deducted from the Subtotal and its result will be the value for the Total Reimbursment amount (Subtotal-AdvancePayment=TotalReimbursement).

  8. Enter notes if needed. A section for notes is featured at the lowermost part of the form which you can use if you need to leave important notes or comments regarding your reimbursement request.

  9. Attach signature for validation purposes. Signatures of both the employee and the manager/supervisor should be attached at the lowermost section of the template.

  10. Review, email, or print the completed reimbursement form.

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