Free 2008 Calendars in PDF, Word and Excel

Our 2008 year calendar is a single page 12-month calendar based on Gregorian calendar. The annual calendars on this page are available in multiple styles which you can print, edit, customize, or download. Calendars are downloadable and printable in three document types: Microsoft Word, Excel, and PDF. All calendars are provided free to download for personal, business, or commercial use. To understand the differences between the document types, see the calendar features table.

See our custom calendar page if you want a Monday start calendar or calendar with week numbers.

2008 Calendar

Download or print this free 2008 calendar in PDF, Word, or Excel format. The 2008 calendar blue is a single page annual calendar with simple blue design highlighting the months for easy viewing. The calendar template shares the same easy to use features with the rest of the calendars by General Blue – editable, customizable, printable, downloadable, and free to use.

Calendar for 2008

For those who prefer a colorful calendar for 2008, this streamlined calendar uses minimal borders and four pastel colors. The Word and Excel 2008 calendars work perfect for those who like to edit the calendar in their computer, laptop, or any device. The 2008 colorful PDF calendar is the perfect recommended version for those who are looking for online calendar.

Free Printable Calendar 2008

This free 2008 printable calendar is perfect for those who prefer an all-black single page yearly calendar. It is an easy-to-use calendar for 2008 featuring simple classic design in portrait layout. This is one of the perfect printable calendar versions, especially to those who like to conserve ink/toner when printing.

Blank Calendar 2008

The blank calendar 2008 is a classic one-page calendar which is available for download in Microsoft Word, Excel, or PDF. If you like to add reminders or events to the calendar, you can simply download this calendar. The blank 2008 PDF calendar is also available free to download or print. If you like to print the calendar without downloading, you can use the Print button provided.

Calendar 2008 Free Download

The printable calendar for 2008 is free to download and print as a Word document, PDF, or Excel spreadsheet. The template uses a light blue highlight, making it easy to spot the months in a year. The free downloadable annual calendar allows you to view the full year calendar in a single page, which helps in planning schedule and events.

2008 Year Calendar

This free 2008 year calendar is a single page blue calendar without borders. It can be downloaded as Microsoft Word, Excel, or PDF format. This calendar is designed in portrait layout, making it easy for you to print, display and easily view in your wall, desk, office, or home. The two-tone blue calendar highlights the months and days of week for easier visibility.

Editable Calendar 2008

This stylish dark blue calendar is great for viewing online or saving in your mobile/desktop. The Microsoft Excel and Word versions are editable calendars, so if you like to customize the year calendar, you can simply download to add reminders or events in the calendar template. A Print button is also provided so you can print calendar 2008 directly from the website without having to download.

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The General Blue calendars are provided so you can plan, schedule, and organize your business, school, or personal-related activities. come in multiple styles. For each style, it can be printed directly from the website using the “Print” button or you can download the selected style of the calendar in Microsoft Word, Excel, or PDF. If you are simply looking for an online calendar to print, a print button is provided in each calendar style so you can print a calendar directly without having to download the calendars.
Calendar Features and Comparison
Features Word Excel PDF
Multiple styles
Single page 12-month calendar
Pricing Free Free Free