Easter Monday in Australia

When is Easter Monday in Australia?

Easter Monday in Australia is on April 10, 2023. It falls on Monday.

How many days until Easter Monday in Australia?

There are 8 Days left until Easter Monday in Australia.

Is Easter Monday a public holiday in Australia?

Easter Monday is a national holiday observed in Australia the day after Easter Sunday each year. It’s a movable celebration since it depends on when Easter is observed, and Easter’s date of observance varies yearly. Easter’s date of observance is determined through the ecclesiastical full moon date occurring on or after the 21st March (this event is called spring equinox in the Northern Hemisphere). The first Sunday after the first full moon following the northern’s spring equinox will be the date of celebration for Easter.

Easter Monday Origin

According to historical records, the earliest recorded observance of Easter occurred at around the 2nd century. Nowadays, Easter has become a big observance celebrated by many Christian countries worldwide. In Australia, Easter is one of the most awaited seasons of the year. The people are typically given a long weekend because of the Easter holidays. It starts from Good Friday up until Easter Monday. Like other Christian countries, Australia also celebrates the day succeeding Easter Sunday (the day used to commemorate the resurrection of Jesus Christ), called Easter Monday. Easter Monday, and the rest of the Easter holidays, began to be observed in the country when Christianity was introduced by the first European settlers who arrived in Australia in the late 18th century. The celebration has gradually improved as years go by and at present, Easter has become one of the busiest seasons in the country. With many activities observed that are both religious and secular in nature, Easter is celebrated by the Australians in various ways. Currently, Easter Monday is one of the national holidays the Australian government has designated, thus, many of the employees are generally given a day off on this day.

Since the Australian government has declared the day as a public holiday, majority of the country’s businesses (in all states and territories) cease operation on this day. However, there are still some business organizations which remain open to cater the public (like shops and stores), though most of these establishments follow constricted schedules due to the holiday. Regarding government offices, schools, and universities, these institutions are expected to close off for the day.

Easter Monday Traditions in Australia

Easter is one of the biggest celebrations held in Australia. The season brings plenty of activities for the enjoyment of the public. Easter Monday, the day following Easter Sunday, is one of the Easter holidays whose day is filled with stirring and fun activities.

Music Festivals

The most common go-to events for the Aussies (slang word for Australians) during this holiday are the various music festivals held across the country. Like any other people, the Australians also love and appreciate the existence of music. Music is something which lifts one’s mood. For the Australians, music festivals make the Easter celebration livelier. Easter Monday, being the last holiday, which is related to the Easter celebration, is usually the time for a lot of people to have their final visits to enjoy these music festivals. Some of the most popular music festivals held in the country are as follows:

First is the Queensland’s Easterfest which is held in the city of Toowoomba. ‘Easterfest’ or formerly known as the ‘Australian Gospel Music Festival’ is one which provides amazing music performances enticing thousands of people to visit. It’s a three-day musical event beginning on Easter Saturday and ending on Easter Monday.

Second is the National Folk Festival held at the Exhibition Park in Canberra (EPIC), the capital city of Australia. The ‘National Folk Festival’ is another festival featuring varied entertainments, e.g. community arts, cafes, food stalls, dance venues, and live music. These live music performances are even done by many world-class artists, making the experience of the attendees more incredible.

Third is the ‘Byron Bay Bluesfest’ which is typically held at the Byron Bay, in New South Wales. It’s another music festival in Australia highlighting performers coming from the country and the international world. This festival starts on Thursday (the day before Good Friday) and ends on Easter Monday. At present, this event has gained popularity not just among the Aussies, but it even attracts visitors from foreign countries. The Australians love music as much as how other countries do, and Easter is the season which brings the best music festivals in the country. These festivals last for how many days but it would usually end on Easter Monday. Thus, for the Aussies who are fond of music, spending Easter Monday (and the other previous Easter holidays) to these music festivals is the best way to celebrate the Easter holiday season.

Sports Events

Besides the music festivals visited by many Australians, outdoor sporting events are also highly anticipated and attended by several other Aussies during the country’s observance of Easter Monday. Many sports matches are held during the country’s Easter weekend and oftentimes, their final days are held on Easter Monday. Examples of these sporting activities include the following: the Australian Three Peaks Race (which is a non-stop event of offshore sailing and endurance mountain running), the Brisbane to Gladstone Yacht Race (a race which take few days to complete), and the Stawell Gift (the country’s richest and oldest short distance running race). These sporting activities, together with many others, usually have their last run on Easter Monday, hence, many people from across the country visit the sporting events of their choice on this day.

Sydney Royal Easter Show

Other events also held on Easter Monday are shows organized for the entertainment of the public. The Sydney Royal Easter Show (commonly known as the Easter Show) is a perfect example. This show offers various entertainments for both the children and the adult population. These entertainments include amusement parks, carnivals, agricultural shows/competitions, and fairs. Because of the numerous exciting activities held during the holiday, many of the Australians end up spending Easter Monday outdoors. Aside from the Easter-related activities, some other Aussies also spend this holiday by going to the beach, having picnics in the parks, or going on camping.

Attending Church Services

Australia is the home of many Christian believers and on Easter Monday, although not observe by all Christians, there are still several Aussies who attend special church services to observe the holiday. Easter Monday is the day after Easter Sunday, which is the day instituted to commemorate Christ’s Resurrection. As such, many believe (especially the regular churchgoers) that it’s necessary to attend Easter Monday special church services on this day same as during the observance of Good Friday and Easter Sunday.

Easter Egg Hunting

Once church services are over, the people can choose to spend the holiday either outdoors or indoors. Easter egg hunts, one of the most recognized activity during Easter, is still being observed by some Aussies on Easter Monday. Decorated eggs, chocolate eggs, or even candies and other sweets, are typically hidden on this day for the kids to find.

Dates of Observance for Easter Monday
Year Date Day Holiday
2023 April 10 Monday Easter Monday
2024 April 01 Monday Easter Monday
2025 April 21 Monday Easter Monday
2026 April 06 Monday Easter Monday
2027 March 29 Monday Easter Monday
2028 April 17 Monday Easter Monday
Upcoming Australia Holidays
Holiday Date
Good Friday April 07, 2023
Easter Saturday April 08, 2023
Easter Sunday April 09, 2023