Easter Sunday in Canada

When is Easter Sunday in Canada?

Easter Sunday in Canada is on April 9, 2023. It falls on Sunday.

How many days until Easter Sunday in Canada?

There are 276 Days left until Easter Sunday in Canada.

Is Easter Sunday a public holiday in Canada?

For Christian countries, Easter Sunday is celebrated to commemorate Jesus Christ’s resurrection after death. It is recognized as one of the most important celebrations among all Christian holidays. Like most Christian nations around the world, Easter is also a major celebration in Canada. As it is not declared as a public or statutory holiday, many businesses proceed with their regular Sunday opening hours. However, several other business organizations including banks may close, and many Sunday workers are given a day off.

Easter Sunday Origin

Easter Sunday is a Christian holiday celebrated every year. According to historical records, its earliest documented celebration can be traced as early as 2nd century, or even earlier than that.

Why do Christians celebrate Easter?

Easter Sunday is a massive religious celebration held not only in Canada but to many other countries following the Christian faith. This holiday commemorates Jesus Christ’s resurrection three days after his death. Jesus Christ is the central figure of Christianity – the largest religious group in the world. His death and resurrection are recognized by Christians as the most important celebrations among all Christian holidays. Jesus’ death through crucifixion is observed with another Christian holiday called Good Friday, the Friday preceding Easter Sunday.

How is the date of Easter determined?

Easter Sunday is a movable celebration which means it’s not fixed on the calendar. It’s date of observance depends on the northern hemisphere’s spring/vernal equinox. It typically falls on the first Sunday after the first full moon following the northern’s spring or vernal equinox. It takes place between March 22nd (being the earliest date) and April 25th (being the endmost date).

Easter Sunday Traditions in Canada

Easter Sunday is one of the most highly anticipated days of the year. Although it’s not a public holiday in Canada, it is still a big celebration in the country.

Canadian Easter celebration

Many Canadians, especially Christians, find it customary to attend religious services on Easter Sunday. This is done before partaking on any fun Easter-related activities organized for the day. The people can either choose to participate on any available Easter events held in their city or locality. Common events usually include Easter egg hunts, Easter parties, and Easter parades. Attending any of these events is a typical thing to do for most Canadians. Large Easter parades are often staged in many cities as part of the celebration – the Toronto Beaches Lions Annual Easter Parade is an example.

Other activities may also include painting/decorating of Easter eggs, giving chocolate eggs, chocolate bunnies, candies, and other treats to the kids, or exchanging small Easter gifts among family members and friends. Some may spend the holiday participating on the day’s Easter craft contests.

Easter egg hunts

Eggs, which represent rebirth and new life, are the perfect symbol for Easter as this day celebrates Christ’s resurrection. These eggs, typically colored, painted, or decorated, are to be used in the so-called Easter egg hunts. Easter egg hunt is an old traditional practice associated with Easter for a long time. Its roots can be traced as early as the 16th century. It is an activity where decorated or painted eggs are hidden by the adults for the children to find. Since these egg hunts are very popular during Easter in Canada, most families often spend the day enjoying these activities. People can host their own Easter egg hunts at their personal residences, or they can join the large egg hunts organized in their locality.

Family gatherings

Attending family gatherings and preparing a large Easter meal is also a popular tradition in Canada. Most Canadians see Easter Sunday as a family day, where they can spend some quality time with their loved ones while enjoying the tasty dishes prepared for the occasion. Usually, the dishes served often include lamb as the main ingredient, along with roasted turkey, roast lamb, baked ham, green beans, vegetable salad, baked potatoes, hot cross buns, biscuits, and tart cheesecake, among many others.

Dates of Observance for Easter Sunday
Year Date Day Holiday
2023 April 09 Sunday Easter Sunday
2024 March 31 Sunday Easter Sunday
2025 April 20 Sunday Easter Sunday
2026 April 05 Sunday Easter Sunday
2027 March 28 Sunday Easter Sunday
2028 April 16 Sunday Easter Sunday
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