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Employee Mileage Expense Report Template in Excel

For employees whose traveling expenses are shouldered by their company, this Mileage Expense Report in Excel can help you. It’s free to download or print.

Employee Mileage Expense Report Template in Excel
Excel Template
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An employee mileage expense report is important to those whose work traveling expenses are paid by the company. If you’re one of those employees, this template can help you. This simple mileage tracker can be used to keep track of your mileage expenses on a specific period. It's the perfect tool for requesting car allowance and mileage reimbursement from your company. It’s downloadable, editable, and printable in Excel.

This employee mileage reimbursement template features sections for employee name, employee ID, vehicle description, pay period, mileage rate, date, description, starting location, destination, total miles, amount, and total reimbursement. The lowermost part displays a section where signatures of both the employee and manager can be attached for validation purposes.

This excel mileage log is helpful to those who prefer to use an auto-calculated mileage spreadsheet. It's designed with formulas; therefore, calculations are autogenerated. You can save time when using this template since you don’t need to do the calculations yourself. To use the template, refer to the following instructions:

Instructions in using the Expense Report:

  1. Enter employee information, vehicle description, and pay period.

  2. Enter mileage rate based on your area’s rate per mile.

  3. Enter date of travel.

  4. Enter description of each travel, e.g., from home to office.

  5. Specify your starting location and destination.

  6. Enter total miles covered for each travel.

Once figures are entered under the total miles column, the amount column should auto-calculate your mileage expense for each travel. Your mileage expense is the product between your area’s mileage rate and the total miles covered on your travel. Additionally, the sum of your mileage expenses should be automatically displayed under the total reimbursement section.

  1. Attach signatures of both the employee and the manager at the lowermost section of the template for validation purposes.

  2. Review, email, or print the completed expense report.

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